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If you have hit a wall in Dota 2 and you don’t feel like you can climb any further through the ranks, you need to turn your attention to Drow Ranger. She isn’t all that special by herself, but she has qualities that make her your best bet when it comes to getting out of ELO hell.

So, let’s see how you can start climbing again after being stuck in the same place for a long time.

Who should play Drow Ranger?

Let’s be clear on something: Drow Ranger is not one of the easiest heroes to play in Dota 2. You will need to spend a lot of time with perfecting her abilities, and it won’t be a painless experience. There will be rage and anger, so if you can’t handle the frustration you better turn to another champion (like Axe).

Still reading? Good, you will need the confidence as well. Once you know how to play her you will need to do everything like you’re the master of it, there is no room for hesitation with her.

And finally, like I said before, Drow Ranger is the best hero for those who want to climb the ranks in Dota 2. Unfortunately, because of her difficulty she isn’t really good if you want to play casually or want to have fun.

Dota 2 Drow Ranger guide

What items does Drow Ranger need?

  • Hurricane Pike
  • Wraith Band
  • Silver Edge

You need to be done with these items by the 25th minute – and that includes the boots. If you can’t manage that, you have officially fallen off the edge and you need to start grinding for gold. Otherwise the enemy will get on top of you within minutes. Drow Ranger is the most vulnerable during the mid game, so prepare yourself for that stage.

When you have your core items, you should check out what the enemy heroes are building and continue your own items based on them.

The best case scenario would be that they are losing already, they barely have any items and it’s clear that you have a huge advantage against them. If this happens, go all out on your damage items. Black King Bar, Daedalus and Mask of Madness are all great things to build at this point. They give you damage and attack speed.

A slightly worse scenario is if you are on equal ground, or only have a little bit of an advantage. That’s when you need damage and some lifesteal, so you can compensate for the damage dealt to you. Make Paladin Sword and Satanic. Just make sure you have the opportunity to use the passive and active abilities of these items, as many Drow Ranger players stop their own snowball by forgetting them.

Ability build

  • 30% Cooldown Reduction
  • +28% Multishot Damage
  • +20 Movement Speed
  • +5 All Stats

There is only one reason to change this up. At the second stage of the ability tree, you are offered the option of +2.5s Gust Silence Duration, and if you aren’t ahead or it feels like you can’t keep up with the enemy, you should take it.

Dota 2 Drow Ranger guide

When to switch it up

Drow Ranger has quite a lot of counters in Dota 2, but Phantom Lancer and Clockwerk are the worst ones. They can easily outscale her, which is why they are especially dangerous during the mid game.

You should try to avoid games against these two, but if you can’t do it you need to start building slightly defensively right from the beginning. Butterfly is great because of the extra evasion, then you can get Satanic for the lifesteal. Unfortunately you won’t have many other options to save yourself with.

How to play as Drow Ranger

If you have an unfavorable match-up, you need to bring a ton of sustain or a couple of healing items. Before the third level, you will be really vulnerable, which is why you need to be careful early on. Don’t engage in trades before buying some kind of damage item, otherwise you will be pushed back and you will miss out on a lot of farm and thus, gold.

Once you have all 3 of your abilities, you can start harassing the enemy laner. Drow Ranger can hit others from really far away and you can easily get a couple of free hits on other people if you keep them at a certain distance. Or if you would rather not provoke the enemy, you can also push in the lane and farm around the river.

Once mid game starts and the team begins to group up, you will become one of the main damage dealers, so you will need to stay back and quit initiating fights. Go behind the tank(s) and try to avoid getting hit. You will be way too squishy and they will be able to pop you within seconds.

Late game is where you truly bloom with all your items. At this point you should be able to hunt lone heroes down by yourself. Be careful with these self-lead missions though, as the enemy team will be looking to get a hold of you and kill you.

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