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How to counter Huskar | Dota 2 Guide

If you have read our Dota 2 guide for Huskar, you already know how hard he is to counter. Unless the enemy Huskar is a beginner and has no idea how to manage the champion’s health, you will have a painfully difficult time fighting them. But given that you have come to me to seek help, you are already on your way to winning the game even before it began.

So, how does one counter Huskar in Dota 2?

Start in champion selection

Unfortunately, while this is the default method to counter any champion, it’s not as simple as you would think with this one. Huskar may have his counters, like every other hero in Dota, sure. The problem lies in the fact that the champions listed as his counter aren’t actually that good against him. Except the top one, of course, Ancient Apparition who has every skill needed for this job.

However, there are a couple of champions who aren’t mentioned on Dotabuff and could do a good job against Huskar. Riki is one – he can easily get in Huskar’s face, which is a huge advantage, as I will explain below. Similarly to him, Clinkz can also do this, just not with a blink. He has a high movement speed and a lot of physical damage early on, both of which are great if you want to stop the enemy from starting their snowball.

If you would prefer to counter Huskar throughout the whole game, you can also pick pure damage champions. That way it’s a “fight fire with fire” kind of situation, because neither of you will really win simply based on champion selection, but rather based on skill. Often it’s enough to just hold down the Huskar and not let him roam all around the map.

Dota 2 Huskar guide

Get in his face as soon as the laning starts

Huskar is vulnerable before getting points into Berserker’s Blood, which is why you should jump him as soon as possible. That way he doesn’t have any ability to protect himself with, and you can easily harass him back to his turret. Establish dominance early on and you won’t have a problem later.

At level 1, this will be quite easy to do. Walk up, use your first ability and spam your auto attack – this works even better if you do physical damage, as Huskar doesn’t have much armor. If you chose a hero who can easily get the jump on him, this will be even simpler. Just make sure that you stop doing this once the enemy reaches level 3. Once they get to that point. you will just be walking into certain death.

Use his kill thirst against him

The one thing most Huskars fail to do, is pay attention to how their actions will affect their health. They see where it’s at before launching, they estimate how low it will drop, and after that they stop thinking. If a kill is right in front of them, their brain just shuts down and the Thirst takes over.

So, the best thing you can do is bait them in with what looks like an easy kill. Make Huskar use all of his abilities, which will hopefully get his health down. and make sure your jungler is by your side. Once you are in “killable” state, Huskar will not stop trying to launch at you, so keep yourself at a safe distance, but close enough that he can almost feel the gold in his pockets. That’s when they get tunnel visioned. At this point, your jungler can just walk up and murder them without any complications, and you will get an assist.

The reverse of this tactic can work too, but it’s very risky. Having a Huskar chase one of your allies through uncharted territory while you try to kill them isn’t exactly the best idea, so I suggest you stick to the original one.

How to counter Huskar in Dota

Another thing you can do, is out-CS them while they are focused on killing you. They stop paying attention to everything around them and that goes for creeps too. Fortunately for you, most Huskars are very kill thirsty and are willing to lose entire waves for the chance to kill someone.

Build the right items

Some people swear that Monkey King can counter Huskar in Dota 2. For some it’s true, for others it’s not. It depends on whether you know what this item is supposed to do against him. Many just rely on counter builds and play the same as before, even though that will result in the same thing: your champion’s death, and a more powerful Huskar on the enemy team. Then defeat.

If you get Monkey King then keep this one specific thing in mind: it’s supposed to lessen the effects of Huskar’s passive. The same goes for Blade Mail and Silver Edge.

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