The 5 most broken Dota 2 heroes in the current patch

If you want to have a lot of fun in Dota 2, or want to climb the ranks fast, you can always abuse broken heroes. They are unfortunately not that easy to find in the current patch, especially if you want one tailored to your needs and wants. This is why I decided to bring you a whole list of heroes. They are all capable of getting you to the highest ranks if played correctly. Or you can also just pound people into the ground. Your choice.


He is easily the most broken hero in Dota 2 right now. You need to have a little experience at the game before you can successfully use him to your advantage, as certain aspects of his playstyle can be tricky. Two example to mention right off the bat are health management and farming. These two will require a ton of micromanagement from you, so be prepared to pay full attention to the game if you want to play Huskar.

Dota 2 Huskar is broken

If you’ve got a firm grip on those, Huskar is fairly easy to play. After you have your core items you will have enough life steal to ignore your own health completely. He has a huge power spike in the mid game, which can easily end the entire game. And we all know, the shorter the game, the better. Capitalize on your advantage and don’t let enemies build up and undo it.


Our next item on the list is actually a counter of Huskar. This is the main reason why he is considered broken in Dota 2, since he is pretty much the only one who can deal with Huskar’s damage and life steal. Besides that, he’s viable in any composition, since doesn’t technically have any counters. There are a couple of heroes who may be considered counters on paper, but they don’t pose any real threat to Bloodseeker.

Dota 2 Bloodseeker is broken

The only potential drawback is the fact that you need to be confident in your gameplay. You need to play around your low health, so you can bait enemies in, otherwise nobody will dare to go up against you. Once you get a couple of kills that way, you are unstoppable. If you enjoy roaming to other lanes and jungling, you will absolutely adore Bloodseeker, since his entire gameplay revolves around this behavior.


Statistically speaking, Meepo is the best if you want a mechanically broken hero. At the time of this writing, he has the highest win rate out of all of them, which is why we named him the winner of the current meta. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t mean he’s as fun to play as the two heroes mentioned before, hence why he’s not at the top of the list. But if you’re going straight for easy wins, he’s your guy.

Dota 2 Meepo guide

His clones are the best part of his kit. They take care of absolutely everything – so much so, that at a certain point in the match you will be left with barely anything to do. Farming and fighting will soon become mundane parts of the game, and most of the excitement will come from the micromanagement of said clones. But you will surely enjoy seeing them tear your enemies apart.


Perhaps not as completely broken as other Dota 2 heroes on this list, Riki’s still very much overpowered compared to the average hero. This is especially true if we take into account the difficulty – or lack there-of – of playing Riki. He has an easy to learn kit, which is perfect for those who are still new to the game. You can easily just focus on the game mechanics without having to worry about skillshots and positioning. Later on you will need to learn the latter too, but for now the power of Riki will easily get you through your matches.

Dota 2 Riki guide

Riki’s gameplay also enables you to stay out of teamfights. Since you act as an assassin, your job is to backstab people and get out as fast as possible. Because of this, you don’t even need to watch your health most of the time, because your attacks will be quick in-and-outs.

Ogre Magi

If you prefer to be more of a supportive character in the team, Ogre Magi is your guy (guys?) He’s perfect for those who would rather not make the big decisions and would rather stay in the background instead of risking their life in team fights for the glory. Ogre Magi is literally the safest pick if you want good stats and happy teammates. You won’t have nearly as many kills as carries, but you will be praised just as much.

Dota 2 Ogre Magi guide

He is one of the easiest heroes you can pick, if not the easiest. His kit doesn’t involve anything complicated or anything that requires more than half a minute to learn. You can also spam your abilities without running out of mana – which is amazing for new players who don’t get the gist of resource management yet.

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