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The Omnipotent Vengeful Spirit | Dota 2 Guide

As we all know, supports aren’t that popular in Dota 2. However, Vengeful Spirit is a bit different. She stands out from the crowd because of her current win and pick rate. She has strong potential, even in the hands of lower rank players. In this quick guide I will teach you everything you need to know to be the difference in your games.

Who should play Vengeful Spirit?

She is primarily for people who don’t mind being their team’s errand girl, to be completely honest. If you want to play something more independent, I highly suggest trying Naga Siren.

Vengeful Spirit is an all-out support and her kit shows that quite clearly. Her only purpose is to serve and protect her teammates at all costs. This can make Dota a pretty stressful experience for a Vengeful Spirit players. In the end though, she receives all the praise if she does a good job.

As a support main, this was my main reason for playing her. It didn’t matter how much I depended on others, it was always worth it in the end because my teammates – more often than not – recognized my work. And if you play supports mainly, then you know how important this validation is.

But Vengeful Spirit is also great if you want to have a challenge in Dota. She is great at roaming, but that requires you to pay a lot of attention and focus on the game, which is why many people can’t pull it off. If you like to sharpen your roaming skills and map awareness, this hero is absolutely perfect.

Dota 2 Vengeful Spirit Guide

What items does Vengeful Spirit need?

  • Tranquil Boots
  • Soul Ring
  • Mekansm
  • Ring of Basilius
  • Power Treads

If you build your items in this order, you should have no problem staying relevant and on top of the game. But these aren’t the only things you should get, of course, as you may want to disassemble some of these that lose their usefulness over time. In that case, you can take a couple of routes if the game still hasn’t ended.

If you are behind, you need to buy Bracer and Ghost Scepter. This combo is best if you get focused during team fights. These two will help you stay alive longer and absorb more damage, even if you decide to use your ultimate to initiate and jump into the middle of the enemy team.

But if you are ahead, don’t you dare waste your gold on them. Instead, invest in a Medallion of Courage and Force Staff. These will help you initiate fights better. The Staff especially so, as it increases the range of your ultimate and thus, you can make the enemy carry be in an even worse position, because now their team won’t be anywhere near them.

Alternatively, if you have completely stomped your way through the game and are close to winning, then you can get Desolator and Manta Style. This likely won’t happen too often though, so don’t get too excited.

When to switch it up

In Dota the most obvious things you should avoid when playing Vengeful Spirit are her counters. But since she is a very balanced hero, there is nothing that is way too overpowered against her. Statistically speaking, only Meepo poses a real threat to her, and not always. In the long run, Vengeful Spirit really isn’t the one carrying the whole game, which is why it’s still okay even if she gets countered.

The only thing that completely destroys Vengeful Spirit is when the enemy team communicates and wards well. The worst part is that you won’t know that this is the case until you get into the game, so you can’t really prepare.

Dota 2 Vengeful Spirit Guide

How to play as Vengeful Spirit

As we have mentioned before, as Vengeful Spirit you have to be kind of a doormat, always looking out for your teammates’ needs and wants. In most cases, this will mean roaming to their lanes and helping them get kills, or at least pressuring the enemy into retreating a bit. Depending on your current situation, either will do.

Your first objective is to get the first rune. It can be the deciding factor for the entire game, so you need to pick the right lane. The best choice would be to make sure you have strong synergy with the hero you intend to shadow -although, you should always go for this when able. In this case, it means being able to chain stun at the very least. If you play your cards right, you will get first blood before the first rune even spawns.

Once you start getting those runes, your job will get much harder. You will need to gank lanes based on them, which is a very complicated and difficult thing to do. But you need to practice it, because it’s what makes a good Vengeful Spirit.

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