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The dumb Ogre Magi might just be the current Dota 2 meta’s smartest pick. He has the ability to single-handedly carry the game, even though he is just a support. This is very clear when you take a look at his stats, as he has a high winrate in all ranks, which makes him perfect for everyone. As a beginner support, I really liked to experiment with him, because the doesn’t punish you as harshly for errors.

Who should play Ogre Magi?

Basically anyone. Ogre Magi doesn’t require much skill, which is why he is perfect for anyone who is just learning Dota. It’s easy to get the hang of his abilities and strengths. Although, you can also start maining him if you are a veteran at the game, because he still has a huge impact. Don’t let the simplicity blind you, this hero is still amazing if played by someone who has experience.

He is also great if you want to receive praise. His huge impact will make your teammates appreciate you. However, since he is a supportive character, you will need to put others before yourself, which might be hard to do at first if you aren’t used to this role. The end result will still be rewarding, though.

Dota 2 Ogre Magi guide

What items does Ogre Magi need?

  • Guardian Greaves
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Hand of Midas
  • Aether Lens

If you want to increase your chances at winning, these are – statistically speaking – the best items you can buy. After you have these four, you can continue on with several different things, just make sure that you have these, because they will act as your core build.

You can follow them up with Force Staff, Scythe of Vyse and Spirit Vessel. Or you can also mix and match anything that gives you mana regeneration or expands your mana pool if you are behind. This will ensure that you can use your abilities as often as needed. Even then, make sure that you always have enough mana for your Ignite, so you can escape from sticky situations.

That said, if you are ahead I highly suggest going with some movement speed, to let you hunt people down. An early Wind Lace might just be the key to winning the lane, especially if your teammates are okay with being aggressive in the beginning of the match.

When to switch it up

You should really watch out for your counters. In previous guides we encouraged you to take the challenge, because heroes like Naga Siren and Bloodseeker are capable of fighting against their counters and winning. But with such a dependent and supportive character, this is not the case. You don’t have any abilities that you could dish out heavy damage with, only defensive abilities to help you run away.

And let’s be honest, running away from other heroes all game is not fun. So if you can, avoid your counters at all cost, because you won’t have a chance at snowballing in the same lane with them.

Obviously, there are times when you can’t just jump out of a game, so you have to take it. If that’s the case I recommend praying that your opponents suck before entering the match.

Dota 2 Ogre Magi guide

How to play as Ogre Magi

If you have played as a support, then you already know how Ogre Magi should work in Dota. But if you aren’t that good at this role yet, let me explain the basics.

Your main goal is to help your fellow teammates survive and flourish. They need to become strong and your job is to help them achieve this by making kills easier to obtain. Conversely, if your team falls behind you will need to help them survive. With Ogre Magi this should be fairly simple, since he has an ability that slows, and another that binds.

In the early game you will need to get others as many kills as possible, which is why I suggested Wind Lace. If you can get ahead in the beginning, then you won’t have a problem staying on top for the rest of the game. You can get kills by running up and binding enemy heroes, so your laners can damage them (which you will need to help with as well). I recommend saving your Ignite though, because if the bind ends before the enemy hero is dead, you can still slow them down and give yourself a chance to kill them.

Once the mid game hits, you will need to be wary of your surroundings. And if possible, you should keep yourself away from situations where you have to be alone. The enemy will try to hunt you down, because you will constantly be empowering your team. If you aren’t there, they will have a much better chance at winning. Stay by the side of your teammates who are the strongest and can protect you.

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