Enlisted pilot guide – How to fight better in the sky

Struggling to fight as a pilot in Enlisted? Well, you are not the only one. Ever since I started playing the game in closed beta, I was having a hard time doing anything effective when inside a plane, and it took forever for me to actually become useful to my team.

Luckily for you, you will not have to figure it all out on your own, since I will be sharing my stories of personal failure, and my tips on how to become a better pilot in Enlisted. Do keep in mind that these are tips for beginners or players having a hard time piloting a plane in Enlisted.

The first thing to get through is understanding the plane you are using. There are two types of planes in the game: the fighters and the bombers.


Fighter planes are very fast and agile and can easily outmaneuver other planes. They are equipped with loads of machine guns and even rockets. When comparing the rockets to a Bomber’s bombs, the rockets are much weaker, but there is a reason for it.

You see, the fighters’ purpose is to take down enemy planes, not attack enemies on the ground, and you should not expect the rockets to work as efficiently attacking ground forces. You should always focus on your objective: taking down Bombers and other Fighter planes, though the latter might prove more difficult.

Winning a fight against another plane as a Fighter

When you are using a fighter and want to take down another plane, the best way to do so is to get the drop on them. Get behind them and shoot them before they notice you are on their six.

How to become a better pilot in Enlisted
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If you have yet to spot an enemy plane, then my advice is for you to fly low and keep your eyes on the sky. Doing so will make you very hard to spot from the sky, and will make you less of a target than staying high in the sky, where they can ambush you from behind. So stay low and keep your eyes on the sky.

Fighting an unsuspecting plane

Taking down an unsuspecting enemy is a whole lot easier than fighting openly. If you manage to catch another plane from behind, make sure to lead your shots; luckily, Enlisted gives you a little bit of here help with this, by putting a crosshairs indicator on the place you should be aiming at.

Another thing to consider is that although your weapons don’t overheat, they do run out of ammo, and fighters are pretty useless without ammo.

Fighting a plane on full alert

If the enemy plane knows you are coming after them, they are not going to make it easy for you. They will not fly straight and they will try to get on your back. Don’t ever let them get behind you, but if it happens, be sure to drop down really fast, so they lose sight of you. Afterwards they will have a hard time spotting you, so take that chance to turn around and get behind them again.


Quite unlike the Fighters, the Bombers are meant to attack enemies on the ground, and they are absolute beasts at it. They are heavy and slow, but when they land their payload, the result is outstanding.

However, they don’t stand a chance in a straight up fight against Fighters and will get shot down really fast, so try to keep your distance.

How to become a better pilot in Enlisted
Image by Gaijin Entertainment

Running from a fighter plane as a bomber

If you are piloting a bomber in Enlisted, keep scanning the skies for enemy Fighters, and steer clear of them. Keep low and do your best to time your bombs well. Avoid dropping bombs when a Fighter is flying over you or near you.

Mastering bomb runs

Bomb runs can be tricky, but you can make them a lot easier by doing a few things. First, keep your airspeed, your altitude, and your flaps as low as possible while in combat.

Why? It will make your bomb runs a lot more stable and accurate. And when you need to pull up, it is much easier to do so when your speed is low. Otherwise, you risk a rough landing and an end to your pilot career.

Once you pull up, get your flaps back up, pull the nose of the plane up, and then repeat.

Drop them like it’s hot

It is crucial to have good teammates for this part, as they will mark targets for you to bomb. Without your teammates marking the enemy, it is pretty difficult to spot them.

If you don’t have any markers, then the next best plan is to drop the bombs near objectives being conquered or already conquered by the enemy.

I hope this guide helps you improve your piloting game in Enlisted!

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