Who should be the NBA 2k21 cover athlete?

Being the NBA 2k cover athlete is a pretty nice honor for any NBA player. Setting aside the risk of getting hit by a curse, players are eager to grace the cover. There are a lot of options for the next cover of NBA 2k21, so let’s talk about them.

Kevin Durant

Durant has appeared on two NBA 2k covers in the past. However, he’s been injurued and has not played this entire season, which makes him less of a contender this time around. Still, the fact that he left the Golden State Warriors for the Nets is working in his favor. Because Durant will be making his first appearance as a Net next season, 2k could capitalize on the excitement behind his debut.

NBA 2k cover

Realistically, I believe that if 2K wants to use Durant on the cover for the next game, it would be better for marketing if they included the reason he joined the Nets. Having dual cover athletes in Durant and new teammate Kyrie Irving would generate more excitement from the team’s fan base, who are looking forward to them playing together.

Zion Williamson

Williamson was the overall first pick in the 2019 NBA draft, a place that promises all the attention you could think of. Unfortunately, Willaimson has been injured for the majority of the season and only recently came back from the injury. Because of his lack of playing time, it’s hard to argue that he should find himself on the cover. The NBA playoffs start in April, meaning that Williamson will have only been playing for about three months.

With Williamson being the most talked-about rookie in the 2019 draft class, he would be the smartest pick out of all of the rookies in the NBA this year. It could also be a smart move because the 2020-21 season will be his first full season in the league. Like with Durant, 2k could capitalize on the excitement behind Williamson’s first full season.

Zion Williamson 2k

Kobe and Gigi Bryant

Because of his recent death, many fans are calling for Bryant to be on at least one of the NBA 2k21 versions of the game. It would be fitting to feature Bryant on the Legends edition of the game, as he is one of the great NBA legends. Bryant is also slated to enter the NBA Hall of Fame this year, alongside Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. While there could be reason to include Garnett and Duncan on the cover, because of his passing, fans believe Bryant should have the cover to himself. In the game, around the neighborhood, you could see fans paying tribute to Bryant after the accident.

Though Bryant was on the Legends edition of the game in 2017 when he retired, fans want him to be remembered properly by the NBA. There have been many different fan-made covers for the game already.

There’s even a petition for them to make Bryant the cover athlete. However, it’s not the Bryant everyone expects. People are also pushing for Gigi Bryant to grace the cover as the first female athlete. Gigi was just getting started in her basketball career and her father said that she was better than he was at that age. Many WNBA players have talked about the talent Gigi had and how she was the future of the league.

Kobe Bryant was an advocate for women’s sports and with the inclusion of the WNBA in NBA 2K20 it could be interesting to have Gigi on the cover. A win-win in this situation would be to have a cover that includes both of them.

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