Heron Preston can elevate Gen.G and esports fashion to NBA heights

Former Kanye West/YEEZY advisor and collaborator, Heron Preston, might not be a household name for most esports enthusiasts, but he might subtly develop into an influential figurehead within gaming as the scene continues to grow culturally. Preston recently signed on to be the executive brand advisor for Gen.G.

Heron Preston’s Gen.G focus is on specialized design and broader creative counsel. In layman’s terms, he’s going to drop Gen.G high fashion available for purchase. The NBA runway might make its way over to esports tournaments soon.

The National Basketball Association has had “issues” with player fashion in the past; imposing dress codes as streetwear made its way over to team sidelines. It was David Stern and the NBA’s war against baggy pants and durags. Allen Iverson might be the player to thank for culture blending fashion’s way to professional sports. It took some time for NBA players to find a way to express their personalities and style by incorporating streetwear into their pre-game entering the stadium.

Point being, maybe Heron Preston’s arrival in the esports scene will influence how players present themselves, making them globally marketable outside of their gaming sphere and into the grander global consciousness. The personalities are there, but the look is a couple steps behind.

Signing Heron Preston plays hard into marketability by blending esports with streetwear. More fans acquiring team gear would increase brand awareness, and more importantly, money. Creating limited edition apparel also gives another level of exclusivity. A revamped marketable aesthetic could add appeal to a player’s decision to sign with Gen.G.

heron preston esports gen.g

Traditional athletes generally get income off not only their salary, but also brand partnerships and sponsorships. Even Kanye West didn’t build Yeezy on his own, enlisting the help and collaboration with Heron Preston for projects like The Life of Pablo. While it’s ambitious to think that one person could have such a major impact on the overall aesthetic culture and economy of the esports scene, it’s not crazy to think that a makeover could give it a much-needed boost.

There’s no reason why gaming can’t look good. Esports athletes have long evolved past looking like they crawled out of their mom’s basement. Gen.G might have found their guy to take their brand and aesthetic to the next level.

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