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5 Fall Guys tips to help you claim the crown

Taking the crown means making enemies

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been quite the hit since it launched on Steam and PS4. With all these new players running the gauntlet it can be pretty hard to get the crown. Let me make it a little easier and share with you some Fall Guys tips to help you improve and dominate the showdown.

Dive for glory

You might look stupid doing it, but diving is going to win you rounds. If you’ve played even one round you know that it can get a little hectic near the choke points. So if you dive over the line or dive to make that jump, you’ll be making that all-important qualification cut-off more often than not.

The dive isn’t just about making sick jumps and extending your reach to take the checkered flag either. Fall Guys has some nasty projectiles, especially oversized fruit. Thankfully, you can time your dive perfectly to get over those annoying fruits and claim victory. Also, you’ll look great doing it and you might even get a clip worthy of internet fame out of it.

Follow the leader, then take their crown

Look, someone has to lead the way and check if the door will open or if that platform is going to fall. Being the leader is cool, but faceplanting a door or falling into the pink sludge isn’t so fun. So you should probably stick just behind the pack and pounce at the end to claim victory.

Fall Guys Tips

It’s important to remember, no one cares who comes first on the early rounds, all that matters is that you get the crown at the end.

Work with your team, then crush their dreams

Fall Guys has some levels (looking at you See Saw) that will require you to work with other little beans. Now look, we love working with our team in Fall Ball, that sense of being part of a pack of beans and not a lone jelly bean warrior and all that. But, let’s be honest, betraying your See-Saw friends is the best thing to do and we all know it.

Another good way to use this “power” of friendship is in one of the final levels, Hex-a-gone. People tend to stick to the middle areas at the start, and the levels have a fair few layers before you fall, so why not fall a few levels early and cause some destruction? Look, I’m not telling you this is always going to work, but sooner or later you’ve got to get a little dirty if you want that crown.

Fall Guys Tips

The map isn’t the enemy, the beans are

Look, the spinning platforms, falling fruit, and physics aren’t the enemy in Fall Guys. The true enemy is the other 59 colorful little jelly beans in their funny little costumes. Look, we get that in the team games you need to help these people out to claim victory. Though, I think we’ve made it very clear in the other 3 tips that only you matter, screw everyone else.

Skins don’t make you better but it’s best to win in style

Skins and costumes in games can be lame. We don’t want to spend $20 on skins just to stand out from other people, who will just use the skin anyway. I get that, but hear me out on this one. After winning my first three games on launch I purchased a 6 crown cost skin. Now, in a sea of pink jelly beans and wolf heads I was the boss, those other jellies feared me, and I could sense it.

Did it make them go for me more? Sure, but could I also sense their jealousy? You bet I could. And not much beats winning a round as a giant owl and doing a chicken dance just as you grab the crown. If you are into this type of thrill, we have some cool ideas for new skins in Fall Guys.

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