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Fall Guys cheaters are a plague that’s killing the game

Less memes, more justice.

How can somebody ruin such a beautiful thing? Cheaters are taking a metaphorical pillow and suffocating the breath out of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It’s not overdramatic. Picture yourself making it to the final round, only to lose to some dude floating in the sky. It’s one of the most helpless and deflating experiences you can experience in such a wholesome and joyful game. There’s no “Get good” to get past these people.

Fall Guys Cheater
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The likelihood so far of encountering cheaters in Fall Guys is low enough to not have to expect it every game, but common enough to not to be surprised when you see it. Cheaters in other battle royales aren’t as obvious, using aimbots and wallhacks. Fall Guys cheaters are the most blatantly obvious buzzkills, flying around as an untouchable being that could avoid any obstacle. There’s no being discrete with up to 50 players watching. Literally nobody thinks it’s funny or cool.

When you see one, you know that the game’s over if it’s the final round. How can you stay afloat in Hex-A-Gone when the guy won’t fall? There’s zero chance these flying abominations will slip up and concede the game. It’s almost a daily post on the Fall Guys subreddit, with users sharing their experiences playing with or against cheaters. Some players have been so noble to actually throw their team game to make sure that the cheater can’t advance to the final round. Those martyrs should be sought out and rewarded.

Can’t you just report these players?

What can people do currently to help stop the spread of cheating in the game? Absolutely nothing. Fall Guys has not enabled a reporting system for players to call out the cheaters in the game. While the omission of names is probably for the best (no racist, misogynistic, homophobic names), it makes it extra difficult to single out offenders.

Maybe a social media post is the best you can get for reporting? Digging up emails of the developers for the game? There’s only so much kicking and screaming somebody can do before either being tuned out or becoming apathetic to the situation. If Fall Guys can’t get a handle on the cheaters in their game, it’s very possible that the players could abandon the game for greener pastures. Fall Guys will supposedly be cracking down on cheaters soon, but will it be too late?

Hopefully there will be a giant public shaming for those who get caught mid-game. A mini-clown show would be great to see, blood sacrificing the sinners to the Bean-person in the sky.

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