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Fall Guys griefing spots everyone should know about

At least they're not cheaters... right?

You’re making your way up Slime Climb and then you hit a yellow tubular bridge. You lock eyes with another player. You know what’s going to happen, and can see the emptiness in that bean person’s hollow soulless eyes. It’s going to grab you the moment you get close. You’ve got options: wait for some other poor soul to run by, beat up the bully, or turtle. Nobody said these were good or ethical options, but that’s Fall Guys. It’s a game of survival, and you need to know where the Fall Guys griefing spots are in the game. We list out the places you’ll most likely get harassed, so you can prepare yourself at another run for the crown.

Just to get this out of the way: the simplest form of griefing in Fall Guys is to grab other players, and push them off the map. We won’t talk about every game mode where you can do this, but you should expect to see this in:

  • Hoopsie Daisy
  • Roll Out
  • Block Party
  • See Saw

The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is a little painful for those who aren’t adept at Fall Guys. Tons of moving parts, the need to understand momentum, and timing multiple obstacles all at once. There’s a really annoying Fall Guys griefing spot towards the end of the course – thankfully, you won’t have to deal with it too often. It’s that propeller that barely moves and you have to time your jump across while being mindful of the rotating green handle that’s trying to sweep your legs out from under you.

If that proves to be a large enough task to stress you out, try not to think about the guy that’s trying to grab you as soon as you jump across. Just jump and dive, and hope they don’t get their hands on you on time.

Fall Guys the whirligig

Team Tail Tag

This one is super light and only hurts your team, but here it is: if you weren’t aware, you can steal the tail off of a teammate. Tail Tag teaches you how not to trust. Right when you think you’re in the clear, surrounded by teammates, just know that it’s entirely possible that someone on your team will trip you up. It’s hilarious until it happens to you. Trust only yourself and maintain social distancing.

Jump Club and Jump Showdown

As far as Fall Guys griefing goes, this is the most suicidal way to go for those who try to cheese other players. Be careful of opponents grabbing players right before the green rotating handle leaves them vulnerable to getting swept off the map. The best course of action is to steer clear of any other players, in the event someone is feeling particularly nasty.

Jump Showdown adds an extra element with the falling platforms. If a player is stranded on an island, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see others trying to jump-dive to find safer and more open pastures. If you’re risking that jump, be careful that someone doesn’t grab you when you hit that jump button. It very well could be the end of your game.

Tip Toe

Bullying and griefing is a mob mentality on Tip Toe. If someone encroaches on your space, naturally you might get slightly physical to get that space back. Beware of opponents that grab and pull, forcefully exposing solid or evaporating tiles. It’s up to you whether you should hang back a tile or two.

There’s also a chance some players won’t jump the last tile to the finish line. These are the major griefers. If you can afford to, wait a second to see if someone will attempt a grab when you get to the finish line. If a player grabs another player while they’re jumping, they will not make the cut. It’s the most heartbreaking experience in this very tense game mode.

fall guys tip toe

Perfect Match

As far as Fall Guys griefing goes, this is more of a creative play to fake out a mass of opponents. Memorizing all the tiles is difficult, but if you have a good enough memory, you can trick a group of people to fall to their demise. Stand on the wrong tile and bank on some people not paying attention to eliminate their trusting selves off the game.

It’s really a mind trick and barely griefing. A way around to not fall for this is to actually play the game and try to remember which tiles are which. This is a game mode where you have nobody to blame but yourself.

perfect match fall guys griefing

Slime Climb

No other Fall Guys mini game offers more risk than Slime Climb. Even the final round doesn’t match the stress from trying to navigate the obstacle course while timing out moving obstacles, slime, barrier-less tracks, and hordes of players. This map is BM in physical form, and the players in it take full advantage to bully people out of the game.

Slime Climb has four key chokepoints that players hunker down at to throw people out of the game: the yellow beam bridge, the two moving obstacle platforms that push players, and the wrecking balls.

In theory, the yellow beam bridge should be simple, but it all changes when a single player decides to be a real piece of shi work and stand in the middle of it without moving. If you fall, you have to redo the moving floors, and still make it around that guy trying to chuck you in the pink goop below.

The moving giant flat obstacles aren’t too bad as long as you take it slow. Just be careful if there’s somebody waiting for you at the end of the platforms. People have been known to sit at the edge, waiting to push players off.

The wrecking balls are tough because of the slime. Everything moves faster when you’re gliding through the obstacles, but leave little room for error when it comes to maneuverability. You can’t turn on a dime.

fall guys slime climb

Say you make it past the wrecking balls, but there’s a guy sitting there waiting to grab you. You might be screwed, plain and simple. That griefer’s goal is to send you back towards those wrecking balls so that you get hit into the slime below. The only advice to avoid that is to steer clear, jump as soon as they grab you, or try to jump-dive past them.

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