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How to beat the Slime Climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The Slime Climb is one of the hardest obstacle courses in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. What makes this course so deadly is the rising slime, and the panic of players racing to the finish. This treacherous obstacle course always seems to wipe out more than half the players in the game.

Not only that, but it is possible to get the Slime Climb as your first mini game, meaning certain death is guaranteed if you have no idea what you are doing. So to help you out, here are my tips on how to win the Slime Climb every time!

Players are the enemy slime climb fall guys: ultimate knockout

My first tip is to take it slow if you need to. This obstacle course has no timer, and everyone can qualify as long as they make it to the finish. The only danger is the rising slime, however it rises slowly so if you can keep moving forward it will not be a problem. The most deadly part of the Slime Climb are the other players.

When everyone is rushing up they push each other, and can possibly push you into the slime or off your path. I have been pushed off the slime climb by other players more than any object in the course. If you wait for the crowd to dissipate some, you can get a far less stressful path through the course. Just make sure to keep an eye on the slime as it is still a threat.

fall guys lead slime climb fall guys: ultimate knockout

Another method is to get ahead of the crowd, although this can be risky since everyone is trying to get ahead. It also depends on where you spawn. If you spawn in the front you can probably get ahead of others. But if you are in the back you will get caught behind the crowd.

If you are in the front, here is how you can get ahead: run straight at the start and jump on the first bouncy triangle to get to the upper platform. Just watch out for the moving blocks as you jump up because they will push you back down.

Now onto the obstacles. In the first area be patient, because patience is key on surviving this obstacle course. Wait for the barriers to start going back into the walls before moving forwards. If a barrier is going to block your path, just wait for the barrier to go back into the wall. Do not try to outrun the barrier before it blocks your path because you will probably get knocked off.

side camera slime climb fall guys: ultimate knockout

Here is a trick you can use to make these moving blocks much easier: turn your camera to the side so your point of view looks like a 2D platformer. This makes getting past these walls a lot easier when people are blocking you or your camera keeps getting pushed in a way where you cannot see.

In the next area we have the balls, and these are simple to avoid: just look ahead at the canon to know where the balls are falling. Do your best to steer clear of the balls and anyone who may push you into them.

After that you are faced with a faster moving barrier block with a drop. The trick here is to jump onto the first platform as soon as the first barrier starts to go back into the wall. If you time it correctly, the second barrier will start going back into the wall by the time you jump. This area is probably where the biggest number of players get eliminated first. Once you can master the timing, it will be a breeze.

fall guys belt slime climb fall guys: ultimate knockout

Once across, you will be faced with a conveyor belt and several dummies moving across it. You want to start as far right as possible on the belt, and wait for the first dummy to make its way left before getting on. This part is all timing. Just watch the dummies and get a feel for how fast they move.

The last two dummies will be the most difficult to bypass. If you think you cannot make it across without hitting the dummy, just run on the conveyor belt until you feel like you have a chance to get across.

Next will be another difficult part, but this is the last hard part of the obstacle course. You have to jump across these yellow beams that rotate as players move on them. Try to jump on the yellow beam with the least amount of players and aim towards the middle of the beam. It is easiest to keep your balance if you are in the middle.

fall guys yellow beams

When you are on the beam, just pick a direction to move, left or right, and stick with it. This is much harder to do when other players are on the beam, so look at them to see which direction they are going and move the same direction they are. You can get across the beam quickly once on it, so you do not have to keep your balance for long. If you fall just remain calm and try again.

After that we have the slime-filled ramp with spinning hammers. Just try to make your way in between the hammers and watch them to get a feel for how fast they spin. Keep to the right side so there is no chance of getting pushed off the ramp. Be careful of others players because they can easily push you around on this slippery slime.

fall guys slime climb slime ramp

Once off the ramp, you will be faced with more moving barriers, and these ones are much faster than the previous ones. Just take it slow, and don’t try to run across the entire ramp all at once. If you take it one block at a time you will be fine. If you have any worries, just stand there for a second and watch how fast the barriers move. Get a feel for their timing and then getting across them will be a breeze.

The final area is covered in slime and has fast moving dummies and wrecking balls. The best advice I can offer here is to watch how fast everything moves and try to understand their timing. If you are confident in your judgment of how fast everything moves, then rush through so you do not get caught up on anything. One wrong move here can send you flying off the platform. But this area is much easier to get across than some of the previous obstacles.

How to Beat Slime Climb in Fall Guys!

After getting past these obstacles you will hit the finish line and qualify for the next match!

I hope this helps you out with the Slime Climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. If you want to see how to do all this in action then check out my video above, showing you how to run through the Slime Climb.

Stay tuned for more guides on the other mini games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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