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How to win the Egg Scramble mini game in Fall Guys

Quit being the passenger, it’s time for you to carry. Team games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are super hit-and-miss. The game modes as a whole are solid, but the balancing numbers-wise sometimes doesn’t work out. Your odds also go down if you’re part of the Yellow Team, but there’s nothing the developers can do about that. Change it to Orange? Nah. That said, one of the major team games you can individually carry in Fall Guys is Egg Scramble.

It’s a simple premise, collect the eggs and throw them in your pit (or basket, if you’re festive). The game mechanics are also simple: run, grab, repeat. Fall Guys Egg Scramble is a competition with three teams, and the team with the least amount of eggs in their pit at the end of the timer is eliminated. It’s easy to aimlessly run around, but are you contributing? There are a few roles you can individually play to give your team the best chance to win.


Every team needs a couple of goalies. These are the players that sit in their own pit making sure some vultures don’t steal their team’s eggs. The role is a stressful one, because you need to make sure you have enough points to advance.

The best course of action is to wrestle other players with the grab button, forcing them to drop their egg. Another strong strategy is to hold onto your golden eggs, since they’re worth 5 points.

fall guys scrambled eggs


You’re the go-getter. The team won’t score points without putting some eggs in the pit, so you’re the one to do it. Don’t run towards other teams’ pits, but try to hover around the middle and scoop up the remainders, or bully the vultures stealing from your pile.

When gathering the eggs, you don’t have to run inside your pile to drop your eggs. Simply make it in-between the hammers, and jump + release your hold on the egg. This will throw the egg in the direction you’re running, so ideally you’ll score points quicker.

fall guys scrambled eggs

Pit Fiend

The pit fiend is the biggest party pooper in the game. Instead of stealing individual eggs from a team, it’s a lot quicker to just do the opposite of the gatherer, but in another team’s pit. Pick a team, go to their pit, and throw their eggs out of the pit. You have to make it up the steps while holding the egg if you’re playing it safe, but the aim is for either your team or the other team to scoop up the straggler eggs.

It is possible to run at the tallest step and jump + throw it out, but some greener players might not be suited for a move of that level. Remember, Fall Guys isn’t always about winning, but making sure you’re not last. Best way to do that is to sabotage another team.

fall guys scrambled eggs

How your game of Fall Guys Egg Scramble should go

Start by grabbing eggs and throwing it into your pile, no matter what role you intend on filling. Next step is to pick a role and stick to it. Don’t make up for your team’s shortcomings, just stay in one place and do a job. It’s a team game, so the hope is everyone else can read the room and see what needs to be done.

As far as carrying the game, the best roles are to collect eggs for your team or ruin it for someone else. If you’re playing in a group, nicely delegate to the weakest person on the squad to play goalie. It’s a simple and thankless task, but the more chaos in your pit between three teams, the better.

Egg Scramble in Fall Guys is one of the more forgiving games, even if the teams are unbalanced. Remember to keep calm if you’re down by a few, and enjoy the game. Fall Guys is the last place you should be sweating and screaming about your stupid teammates or the lag.

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