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How to win the Fall Mountain mini game in Fall Guys

Fall Mountain is one of the final mini games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, making it one of the most important ones to know how to win. Since there can only be one winner in Fall Mountain, how can you claim the crown? While Fall Mountain is one of the most RNG final games, there are ways to turn the odds in your favor.

The reason Fall Mountain is so RNG-heavy is because the rubber balls that rain from above do not always take the same paths – they are unpredictable and can make you lose if you get unlucky.

Also where you start can have a huge impact on your ability to win the game. If you are in the back, and everyone in the front has a perfect run, it will be impossible for you to win, even if you also run the course perfectly.

fall mountain back row

That’s not to say you cannot win if you are in the back rows. You still can, but only if the people in front of you get run over by rubber balls, or hit by hammers. With the RNG factors out of the way, here is how to win Fall Mountain.

When the game starts, the rubber balls almost always follow the same path. One ball is going left and one right. The left ball always takes the ramp, while the right ball usually hits the right side of the spinner. I have had some games where the right ball has hit the left side of the spinner as well, so it is not a 100% guarantee.

I suggest going to the right side every time because the rubber ball always hits the spinner, allowing you to get past it with ease. On the left side I have never seen the ball hit the spinner. Another disadvantage of the left side is that some players will go to the left of the spinner and some to the right. When this happens it causes the spinner to be at a standstill, and no one can get through, making everyone fall behind on the left side.

fall mountain go right

After the first spinner you will have to point your camera up and watch the rubber balls. Do your best to predict their paths. While running up the hill, make sure to stick next to the walls so you can use them as shields if needed. Another option is to switch to another side if you think a ball is about to hit you, by going through the gaps in the walls.

When you are at the second set of spinners, stick to the left or right side behind the triangle barriers. I suggest sticking to the same side throughout the entire course, because changing sides can slow you down. Make sure that you are never in the middle here, as the rubber balls often crisscross and can take you out in a second.

fall mountain use barrier

If you are behind the barriers, the rubber balls will bounce off them and usually will not hit you. Be watchful of other players here as well. They can get flung into you by getting hit by a rubber ball, and ruin your run.

After getting past the triangle barriers, two rubber balls will usually pass by. Where the rubber balls land is the same spot every time here. This is because the cannons that shoot them do not move, so you can memorize their landing zones.

You can run straight if they have not fallen yet, just make sure to run straight from the barrier. Do not go into the middle of the course. Once the ball passes you, then make your way to the wall on the right or left depending on which side you are on. You will be safe from all rubber balls here.

Below you will see a picture showing the safe path. The red zones are where the rubber balls fall and path. I did not put a path for the rubber balls that drop on the inner parts of the course because they go in random directions. But the rubber balls on the far left and right always follow the same path. The green zones show the safe path you can take to never get hit by a rubber ball.


Your next obstacle will be the hammers. The first set of hammers is easily avoidable, just hug the wall and it cannot hit you. On the next set of hammers right before the crown you will have to time it. Just watch the hammer swing and go forwards when the time is right. Now you just have to run up to the crown and grab it.

Be careful though, as the crown does travel up and down, and it is impossible to reach at its highest point. If you get to the top and the crown is up, then wait a second before you jump. I recommend stopping a bit before the ledge because if you do a running jump you will have more momentum than if you just jump from the standing position. This momentum can give you the upper hand if multiple people are waiting for the crown.

grabbing the crown

Remember to hit the grab button to get the crown, because if you jump into the crown you will not win.

And that is all there is to it! After playing the Fall Mountain round in Fall Guys a few times, you will get a feel for how to predict the rubber balls. If you can get past them, then Fall Mountain is an easy win.

To see how this advice plays out in game check out my video below showing you how to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys.

How to Win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys!

I hope this guide has helped you out!

Stay tuned for more guides and content for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

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