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How to win the Hex-A-Gone round in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is everyone’s new favorite battle royale, sweeping the gaming scene. Some stages are solo and others place you in a team. Players don’t even have to come in first for most games, but they have to make sure not to come in last. The aim of the game is survival. And if you make it to the end, you often have to make it past Hex-A-Gone,  which is one of the final stages played in each Fall Guys show.

In a Hex-A-Gone game, the player needs to be the last one standing. After stepping on tiles, they disappear under your feet, so you need to keep moving quickly. There are multiple tiers to Hex-A-Gone, so if you fall one level, it’s not over until you hit the bottom or win the game. Let’s check out some of the best strategies to win Hex-A-Gone!

The Long Game

This is for all the people who like to play it safe; the players who drive exactly the speed limit, and order the same thing at their favorite restaurant every time. The long game in Hex-A-Gone would be to stay on the most top level they can, biding their time until the timer runs out.

This is a conservative Hex-A-Gone strategy that keeps players hoping there’s another level to drop down to when there’s nowhere else to run. The best way to extend your time on the tiles is to hop tile-to-tile. Make sure to keep tapping that jump button, and don’t look back. If you can, keep tabs of what’s going on below as well. Long game strategies works best when you lobby up with uber-aggressive players. It’s free real estate for you if everyone dive-bombs to the bottom.

Fall Guys hex-a-gone

The Bully

It’s super tough to bully players off the map when the tiles fall off so quickly. Grabbing another player is suicide, so the move is to pull a Tron and cut players off from your section of the map. Running around on a particular level ensures that you can eliminate tiles off the map. If you’re rude enough, you can wipe two tiles at once if you run along the seams.

Bullying players off the map will hopefully expedite their elimination. There are no friend in Hex-A-Gone. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there; or maybe hotdog-eat-pigeon world, depending on what costume you’re wearing.

The Gravedigger

If you do this, chances are you’re winning this game, and you enjoy watching people suffer, or why not both? The Gravedigger is the Fall Guy (Gal, Person) that divebombs to the final level creating a giant pit to the pink slime. It’s the biggest fear for those who dwell up top. When you fall, is there a place to land?

The trick is to race to the very last tier and to take out as many tiles as possible, leaving an island large enough to chill on until everyone is eliminated. It’s a mix between aggressive and conservative play. Players should try sprinting and making tiles disappear, and then hopping slowly tile-to-tile. You get to see players drop one-by-one. It’s super satisfying even if you don’t win the game.


Go into a Hex-A-Gone with a plan and stick to it. There’s always room for improvisation depending on the situation, but try to stick to your guns. Playing Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys is also about figuring out how all the other players play too, so see if you can read your opponents and make a judgment call from there strategy-wise.

At the end of the day, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a wholesome blast. It’s a influx of serotonin if you win, but still a hoot if you lose. Have fun with it and enjoy the ride!

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