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How to win the Rock n’ Roll mini game in Fall Guys

The Rock n’ Roll mini game in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the many team-based games. As with all team games, it can be difficult to win it every time. However there are ways you can give your team an advantage and put the odds in your favor. It only takes one player to turn the tide of this game, so here is how you can increase your chances at winning Rock n’ Roll in Fall Guys.

First off, at the start just push the ball. You do not need to grab, jump, or dive into the ball. Do not even try grabbing when you are rolling the ball down the first part. You just hurt your own team. Pushing it is what makes the ball move faster. These balls are nothing like the soccer balls, they have a lot more weight to them so jumping and diving at them does not do much.

Do your best to find an empty spot you can run at. If you need to push the ball left or right, I suggest trying to get in between the ball and the wall. This will allow you to point your ball in the right direction to get past the obstacles.

rock n roll pushing the ball

Once you get past the first bouncy triangle and are in the last stretch of track before the drop, have 1 or 2 people go to the bottom. Do not leave before this point because everyone is needed to push the ball, and leaving too early will make your team fall behind. If you see that someone on your team has already left, then stay and push the ball.

You need to adjust to the needs of the team and you do not need three or more people leaving to try and stop other teams’ balls. This will just hurt your own team because it becomes much harder to push the ball if you have less people.

One time I was on a 5-person team and three people left before the ramp. So it was only me and one other guy. We literally could not push the ball over the ramp because we just did not have the power to do so. We lost the round.


After your team pushes the ball to the second platform, the real battle begins. If one or two players are trying to push your ball away, just grab them and hold them – they cannot push when held. Meanwhile, the rest of your team can push the ball. In this part of the game you will need to react fast to what is happening. For example, if you see that red’s ball is already barreling down to the goal, do not try to stop it. Just go for the other team’s ball immediately.

If you see that your team is not trying to stop another team’s ball, then go for it yourself. If you see red team has blue’s ball but they are struggling, then go help them. You only need to stop one other team from scoring, so ganging up on a team can give you the win.

Quick tip: you should always have the majority of the team pushing the ball, with only 1-3 people trying to block another team’s ball. If too many people try to block another team’s ball then your ball will also get blocked and it will be a stalemate for a while, until one team overcomes the other.

rock n roll goalie fall guys: ultimate knockout

Here are some tips on how to properly defend against another team’s ball. First, try to get in front of the ball and push it back up the ramp into the corner. You only need to run against the ball, do not try to jump or dive to move it. If the ball is rolling and you get in front of it, then just move forward while keeping your body on the side of the ball. Your character will automatically orient themselves towards the ball, so all you need to do is get near the ball and run next to it.

Doing this allows you to guide the ball in a straight path while preventing it from rolling down the ramp. Once you get it to the wall, you can then roll it up. If players try to grab you, just break the grab as soon as possible.

Now, if a ton of people are around the ball, it will eventually start rolling over the other players’ heads. When this happens, you need to back up and get in front of where the ball is going. If you see the ball will roll over their heads and you are next to the ball, it will roll you over too. But if you get in front of it you can stop it after it rolls over their heads. Just make sure there is space between you and the people getting rolled over.

rock n roll ball over heads fall guys: ultimate knockout

My last tip for defending is to pay attention to which direction the enemy team is pushing their ball. If you push it in the opposite direction of them, or even with them but make the ball go straight instead of down the ramp, it can make defending easier.

With defense out of the way, lets look at how to make sure your ball gets into the goal. Always be pushing on the back or sides of the ball. If anyone tries to stop your ball, just grab them and let your team do the rest. If a group of people is starting to get in front of your ball, then this is the time to jump into the ball to move it. Jumping into the ball while people are under it will allow your ball to start rolling over other players’ heads. Your team just has to keep trying to force the ball down, and you can eventually roll them over to secure victory.

rock n roll diving ball fall guys: ultimate knockout

You can also try pushing the ball on its sides to get it into the middle of the platform. Having the ball in the middle means there are no walls to help your enemy prevent you from scoring.

And those are my tips for you. I To see these tips in action, check out my video below showing you how to win at Rock n’ Roll in Fall Guys. Hope this helps you out, and stay tuned for more Fall Guys guides!

How to Win at Rock N' Roll in Fall Guys

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