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Some guy on Twitter will make Fall Guys fan art every day for a year

Challenge accepted - @HoggysArt

If you haven’t followed the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Twitter account, it’s a feed of self-deprecation, self-awareness, dank memes, spicy content, and agreement on the state of the Yellow Team. They know their community and make sure to see and hear their fans. Seriously, some guy is planning on committing to creating Fall Guys fan art costume concepts every day for a year, and they’re giving their full support.

If you create it, Fall Guys will have your back. Sometimes it’s super campy, like promoting drag queen Lucille XOXO dressed as a bean, the game has been known to associate with some fast food brands, and there’s been support for the community’s fan art scene. Out of all the content creators, one artist in particular has especially caught the attention of Fall Guys

The Twitter artist in question is Matt Hogben (@HoggysArt), a digital artist based out of the United Kingdom. It’s tough to say if he put himself at a disadvantage, having posted over two-dozen examples of Fall Guys fan art already. With that being almost a month of content, he’ll have to dig into some deep cuts of movie, music, gaming, and pop references. He has to deliver 365 different Fall Guys fan art costume concepts. If Hogben ever sees this article, One Punch Man and Resetti from Animal Crossing need representation. That’s two days right there!

It’s a daunting task, but Hogben’s already posted two-dozen concepts showing strong artistic versatility so we know he can do it. Tackled so far: Attack on Titan, Adventure Time, Alien, Metal Gear Solid, and Shrek. The Donkey concept alone should be enough to earn the confidence of the community.

365 days is a long time, especially when you start in 2020. Hogben is at the start of his journey, so lets hope attrition doesn’t kill his daily challenge.

Fall Guys plans on retweeting it every day, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see such a tall task fail. Here’s to hoping Hogben can be the one to make it.

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