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When is Fall Guys crossplay being added?

F is for friends that do stuff together

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the biggest game in the world at one point in August. Bigger than League of Legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and everything else. While its splash into gaming was disruptive, it seems like the game’s 15 minutes of fame is starting to wear off. With Season 2 coming soon, could players expect a major change like Fall Guys crossplay coming into the fold?

Fall Guys Designer Reveals Future Roadmap - MinnMax Interview

In an interview a week after the game’s initial release in August, lead designer Joe Walsh revealed that while the game isn’t currently enabled for crossplay, that is something that is actively discussed within the team. If it was something discussed that early, among all the server issues and way more interest than anticipated, players can hope that Fall Guys crossplay will come sooner rather than later.

All the big battle royale games have crossplay enabled or on the way, and this would definitely help Fall Guys keep up with the competition and stay relevant for the years to come. There are no negatives, aside from maybe an increase in Fall Guys cheaters, which should soon be addressed once the developers enable some anti-cheat measures.

It’s crazy to see the success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and completely forget that the game has only been out since early August. Their social media team’s love of memes has also catapulted (or yeeted [yoted?]) their following to over 1.4 million followers on Twitter. This is the community support that Fall Guys needs to keep itself at the forefront of gaming, and hopefully something like crossplay can keep them there.

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