Things to do in World of Warcraft before Shadowlands launches

Time is running out to get things done before Shadowlands drops

With World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth slowly coming to an end, everyone’s attention begins to turn to the ultimate question: What should I do before the Shadowlands expansion launches?

Now, BFA has been a long expansion, which left many in the community with mixed feelings. It would be safe to say that BFA will be gladly forgotten by many. That said, I had some fun in BFA for a time, so let’s take a look at some of the things to do before Shadowlands lands.

5 Mask Horrific Visions

When the Horrific Visions feature rolled out onto the live server, it was met with mostly positive reactions. The feature had issues, though most of those revolved around the Resistance cloak and acquiring keys to enter a vision. Relatively speaking, the feature itself was a popular one.

Things to do before Shadowlands
Credit – https://www.wowhead.com/item=174654/black-serpent-of-nzoth#comments

The key really is the Black Serpent of N’Zoth mount, pictured above. Now, the 5 Mask run isn’t that hard anymore, and you’ll find guides for it all over the internet (not from me though, because frankly, I don’t like the mount).

Some of you may be thikning, “Hey, I love that space worm thing, but the color sucks”.  Well, Warcraftmounts has your back because it lists the other 3 colorations of the mount that you can obtain. In fairness, most of them are pretty hard to get as is, but hey, if you want to ride the worm you gotta put in the work.

Pick your main and prepare it

At this point, getting gear is pretty easy, and finding yourself in a good position going into the Shadowlands pre-patch shouldn’t take too long. While you’ll end up replacing all your gear pretty quickly in Shadowlands , going into the pre-patch somewhat prepared isn’t going to hurt. It’s also going to help a lot with doing the other tips on this list.

Now, you may want to wait until the pre-patch before you decide what your main is going to be, however, no class (bar Shadow Priest) is really getting a major overhaul, so you’ll be able to have a decent idea of what a class is like currently.

Things to do before Shadowlands

Get flying and get those reputations

For flying, you’ll need to do some previous patch content. Doing so, however, will also help with gaining the reputation required to unlock Mechagnomes, although you shouldn’t stress too much on this point as you’ll get them auto-unlocked when Shadowlands launches.

Flying will also help you get reputations to exalted. Doing so opens up a wealth of pets, mounts, and other lovely treats for your WoW collection. You can always go back to Shadowlands to get BFA reputations, however, getting it done now is a lot easier, especially if you abuse the reputation boost weeks (you can find these in the in-game calendar).

Clean up those inventories soldier

The time is almost upon us. It’s time to sell those herbs, move on those pelts, and get rid of those soulbound items that I’m not really sure how to use anyway. Looking at you, Expulsom! Oh, and please check your alts, because we all know you’ll likely be sitting on a mountain of useless crap this late into BFA. So show those alts some love before you ignore them for another 6 months.

You also might find you’re sitting on a small fortune in items. All those random epic items, pots, and grey items you forgot to sell could be worth a fortune. Let’s face it, it’ll be a lot better if you get this job done now rather than waiting till Shadowlands and you decide that actually, Feral Druid is now your main. That’s a joke, of course, no one plays Feral Druid.

Level up those alts, though save at least 1

So about those alts I mentioned above; maybe now is the time to level them up to 120 ahead of Shadowlands? I would recommend leaving one of them for the pre-patch for Shadowlands so you can see how the new leveling system works, but with the current huge XP boost, Heirloom XP and near-constant Timewalking events, this is probably the easiest you’ll have it in BFA.

Things to do before Shadowlands

Speaking of the pre-patch, those alts will come in handy here, giving you a feel for those changes, see what abilities are coming back to the class, and give you some more options in the first few weeks of Shadowlands. So don’t abandon the alts, as I did with my sad Night Elf druid, my main in Legion… forgotten in BFA and left to rot on a boat.

Take a break

This might be the most important one of all. I think the above things to do before Shadowlands are really great, but taking some time away from World of Warcraft is also great. Those first weeks in a new Wow expansion can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you go big. So take a break from the game now (once you’ve done some of the stuff above) and come back for Shadowlands as a fully refreshed noob-slaying WoW machine.

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