Top 5 suits we want to see in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The official Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 5 is shaking things up in more ways than one. In addition to showcasing the new console’s power, the PS5 Spider-Man will star a different, but no less beloved character in the Marvel universe: Miles Morales. You probably could already guess that from the official title of the PS5 Spider-Man game, though.

With a new character bearing the Spider-Man mantle come new possibilities for stories, of course. However, one thing that shouldn’t be neglected is the look of Spider-Man. With the PS5’s capabilities, we want to see just how gorgeous and badass Spider-Man can look.

That can be accomplished by bringing in the various suits Spider-Man has worn throughout his existence. Here’s a list of the top 5 suits we want to see Miles Morales wear in the PS5 Spider-Man game, as picked by SQUAD comic book junkie extraordinaire Eren “Caboose” Kose.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 - Top 5 Alternate Suits That NEED To Be in the Game!

Miles’ homemade suit

Every Spider-Man has to start somewhere. Just like Peter Parker started out, Miles initially took to the streets as Spider-Man in a homemade suit when he was first introduced. Sporting a minimalist look that took after regular street clothes, Miles still made this look good. With the PS5’s graphical capabilities, Insomniac can add any number of subtle touches to this costume. It would look especially good during the night time, which is yet another reason why we want to see it in Spider Man: Miles Morales.

Shadow Spider Man

Shadow Spider

This version of Spider-Man is pretty obscure. It comes from a specific version of the Spider-Man comics which not many people outside of comic book fandom have heard of, but it looks freaking sweet. The red on black patterns, the cape, the daggers – the Shadow Spider suit has a ton of personality, and it all screams to be included in Spider Man: Miles Morales. Playing with this suit would be a big departure from the usual, no-frills Spider-Man look we are used to.

The only problematic element might be the daggers. Spider-Man typically doesn’t kill, and daggers are definitely lethal weapons, last we checked. Regardless, if Insomniac could find a way, it would be awesome to feature this suit in the game.

Iron Spider, black and gold edition

Miles doesn’t typically sport an Iron Spider version of the Spider-Man suit. Instead, this one is usually worn by Miles’ uncle Aaron Davis, who is a villain known as the Prowler, at least as depicted in the movie Into the Spider-Verse. However, seeing as we got Iron Spider suits in the PS4 version of Spider-Man, it would make sense to include at least some version of the Iron Spider for Miles to wear.

If the Prowler were to make an appearance as a villain in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, maybe this suit could be an award for defeating him. We don’t know if any of that would happen, but what we do know is that we want to be the Iron Spider again.

Spider Man Captain Universe

Captain Universe

This version of the Spider-Man suit comes from a storyline known as Spider-Geddon. Spider-Geddon is part of the Spider-Verse storyline, which features even more versions of Spider-Man, and the Captain Universe variant is one of the cooler-looking ones.

The alternating colors that go between black and white, the constellation pattern; it’s just ripe for inclusion in Spider Man: Miles Morales. Just imagine the glow effects. Heck, it could even have a changing texture on the upper half to better represent the night sky. Please make it happen, Insomniac!

Into the Spider-Verse

We’ve mentioned Into the Spider-Verse multiple times in this article already. It’s an awesome movie, so why not include Miles’ suit from that movie into Spider-Man: Miles Morales? The hoodie with the red trim, the red sneakers – this one has it all. It combines the flavor of Miles’ homemade suit from the comics with the sensibilities of established Spider-Man suits, so this one is a must-include.

Spider Man 2099

Honorable mention: Spider Man 2099

This cyberpunk version of Spider-Man is beyond cool. We got a taste of how it could look in modern Spider-Man via the PS4 version of the game already. However, seeing as it’s been featured in Into the Spider-Verse via a post-credits scene, and since that movie focuses on Miles Morales, it would make sense to include a 2099 version of the Spider-Man suit in Spider Man: Miles Morales. It would be yet another stylish tie-in to Into the Spider-Verse, and a cool callback to the PS4 era Spider Man.

What are some Spider-Man suits you want to see included in Spider Man: Miles Morales? Please let us know in the comments section below. And if you like this type of content you can check out Caboose on YouTube for a lot more info on the many crossovers between the worlds of video games and comic books – like the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game being developed by Crystal Dynamics.

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