2021 Valorant Champions Tour Day 5 recap

The action continues at the 2021 Valorant Champions. On day 5 we said goodbye to the first few teams officially eliminated from the competition. We recap today’s game of the most important Valorant tournament of the year. In case you missed yesterday’s game, we have a full recap.

Acend vs Vivo Keyd

After the controversial ending of their original encounter in which Acend was awarded the win after one of the Vivo Keyd players used an illegal Cypher camera exploit, the tournament officials reversed their decisions and allowed both teams to replay the third map with Acend, starting with a 7-1 advantage.

Despite that massive disadvantage, Vivo Keyd was able to give a good fight, but in the end it was Acend that took the win. They will now face Jaccob “Yay” Whiteaker and the rest of Envy to find out who will seed first in their group. Vivo Keyd will try to keep their tournament hope alive when they face X10C in the lower portion of their group.

Team Secret (SEA) vs Crazy Racoon (Japan)

The first series of the day saw Team Secret and Crazy Racoon fight to stay alive in the first elimination match. Team Secret pulled an interesting strategy by locking in the first Omen of the tournament for Jim “Borkum” Timbreza. This bold move paid off, and Secret won the first map in dominant fashion. Borkum shined with a KDA of 18/7/5.

For the second map, Crazy Racoon subbed Park “Bazzi” Jun-ki out for An “Medusa” Min-cheol, but the result was the same as Secret dismantled the Japanese squad for a 2-0 victory. With that result, Crazy Racoon is officially the first team eliminated from Champions.

Screenshot taken from VLR.gg.

KRÜ Esports (LATAM) vs Furia (BR)

The following best-of-three saw KRÜ Esports take on Furia with one of the teams going home in the end. The actions started on Fracture, which was chosen by KRÜ. However, the decision played in Furia’s favor as they took the first point in a really close affair that saw both teams play the same selection of agents. KRÜ’s Angelo “Keznit” Mori showed his skills on Brimstone and end up at the top of the leaderboard with a score of 27/17/8 with an average combat score of 312 in the losing effort.

The same scenario but with the roles reversed happened on map 2, where Furia were the ones who picked Ascent to be the next battlefield for both teams – only to see KRÜ take it and tie the series at 1-1. With the momentum on their side, KRÜ completed the reverse sweep to fight another day. They will now face Sentinels.

FULL SENSE vs Cloud9 Blue

The North American fans had to wait until the very last series of the day to see one of their representatives take the stage as Cloud9 Blue took on Thailand’s FULL SENSE. C9 Blue showed no mercy at the beginning of the game and won nine of the first 12 rounds. They quickly took the lead in the series after the switch.

The last chapter of the battle for survival would be decided on Breeze, where C9 Blue holds a 90% win rate. Both teams were neck and neck and overtime was needed to decide a winner in that epic battle. In the end, it was the North American team that successfully claimed the last two rounds to take the victory. C9 Blue will now have a rendezvous with Korea’s Vision Striker to see which team escapes to the quarterfinals.

Screenshot from Twitter.

With this day of competition now in the books, the remaining series are Envy vs Acend, X10C vs Vivo Keyd, KRÜ Esports vs Sentinels, Vision Strikers vs C9 Blue, and Secret vs Vikings.

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