25 secrets and obscure facts about Valorant agents

Last year, Valorant took the gaming world by storm. The new tactical FPS quickly established itself as a major title in the esports scene. Valorant features several Agents, each with their own playstyle and backstory – here is a selection of secrets and interesting facts about the Agents in Valorant.

The founders of the Valorant Protocol

Brimstone and Viper are two of the earliest members of the Valorant Protocol and worked to set up the current organization. Despite being a founding member of the Valorant Protocol alongside Brimstone, Viper does not hold any leadership position within the organization. Instead, Sage is Brimstone’s second-in-command.

Scrapped Agents

Three agents were scrapped from Valorant: Shatter, Joules, and Crusader. Joules’ abilities became Killjoy’s Lockdown, Sova’s Owl Drone, and Jett’s Tailwind. Crusader received several updates and eventually became Breach.

Killjoy changed gender during development

During her early development phase, Killjoy was supposed to be male. She was also a robot during some part of development, before becoming the Agent we know today.

Omen changed faces between the Beta and the official release

During the Closed Beta, Omen had sharp light blue eyes, instead of the vertical lines he currently has on his face.

Valorant Omen Closed Beta
Image by Riot Games.

Agents’ life before Valorant

Before joining the Valorant Protocol, Jett worked as a chef at a restaurant in Seoul. Viper, whose real name is Sabine, used to be a physician. Phoenix was suspended from the school he attended because he set a building on fire.

KAY/O is a robot from an alternate reality meant to kill Valorant Agents

KAY/O comes from another reality where Radiants are enemies of humans. His mission as a robot was to neutralize Radiants so they wouldn’t be used as weapons. In his alternate Earth, KAY/O fought against Astra, Sage, and Skye – and also killed Reyna. KAY/O often uses military terminology – such as KIA (Killed in Action) – or abbreviations using the NATO phonetic alphabet. The name KAY/O could come from one of his voice lines, “Kill All Your Opponents.”

Breach has the strongest arms in Valorant

Breach was born without arms. His mechanical arms are made from carbon steel with titanium plating.

Sage’s ability orbs

Sage’s ability orbs are the same ones she wears on her belt. These orbs contain radianite, a substance that powers most of Valorant’s technologies.

Valorant Sage Orbs
Image by Riot Games.

Killjoy is a creative inventor

Killjoy designed Brimstone’s bracer. She also invented all of the tools in her kit: a sentry bot, an alarm bot, swarm grenades, and a Lockdown device. While this feature is not available in-game for gameplay reasons, the sentry bot can actually run around freely.

Killjoy also invented the spike, even if it features Kingdom’s logo

A mirrored version of Killjoy created the spike to attack an alternative version of Earth. It features the “K” logo of Kingdom, a powerful organization in Valorant which uses the power of radianite to produce 75% of the world’s energy.

Valorant features famous voice actors

The voice actor of Viper, Ashly Burch, is a famous figure in the gaming world. She’s won two Golden Joystick Awards for Best Performance for her roles as Chloe Price in Life is Strange and Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Brimstone has the same voice actor as Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and Wolverine. Steve Blum is one of the most active voice actors in gaming, with almost 150 games on his resume.

Though Breach is Swedish, his voice actor, David Menkin, is Norwegian. Besides Breach, Menkin has also voiced Magnus in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Malos in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Captain Joseph Brady in Battlefield 3.

Jett’s voice actor, Shannon Williams, is a popular K-Pop singer.

Agents have hobbies outside of Valorant

According to Valorant’s narrative team, Killjoy plays League of Legends. However, who she mains is a mystery. Omen, one of the most mysterious Agents in Valorant, is an avid knitter. KAY/O’s interests are more geared toward technology, and he has mastered the art of pool hall games.

Astra’s favorite dish

Astra loves cooking. Her favorite food is Jollof, a rice dish popular in West Africa.

Breach changed in appearance during his design stage

Early designs of Breach showed him with a brown jacket, black arms, blonde hair, and a mask.

Breach Early Design
Image by Riot Games.

Missing Agent

KAY/O is the 17th Agent from the Valorant Protocol. However, there are only 16 Agents in the game, with no information as to why Agent 08 is currently missing.

Notably, Breach, Sage, Jett, and Cypher all refer to an Agent that was never revealed: Bombshell. According to datamined interactions between the agents, Bombshell could be an engineer with exploding bots.

Raze’s Boom Bot is a modified version of Killjoy’s Alarmbots

Raze’s little boomba isn’t actually made by her. She modified one of Killjoy’s Alarmbots to create her Boom Bot.

Not all Agents have superpowers

There are two kinds of Valorant Agents: Radiants, who have supernatural abilities, and humans, who use radianite-powered technology.

New Valorant Agents every two months

Riot aims to release a new Agent every two months. However, if players feel like there are too many playable characters, Riot would rather release other types of content, like new maps or game modes.

Yoru’s mask originally let him teleport anywhere

Yoru’s mask allows him to pass through dimensions. This teleportation ability went a bit too far on Breeze though, as Yoru could teleport inside the pyramids. Riot Games later fixed this oversight.

All Agents are the same height

While each character has a different height in the lore of Valorant, they all appear to be the same size in-game, so that no agent has a sightline or hitbox advantage over the rest.

Valorant Agents height
Image by Riot Games.

League of Legends Easter Eggs in Valorant

Valorant and League of Legends both come from the same studio, Riot Games. There are many League of Legends Easter Eggs on Valorant, like an Aurelion Sol statue on Haven, or a Tahm Kench bench on Ascent.

The design of some Agents also references Riot’s MOBA. Sage, the first healer in Valorant, has an emblem on her tunic which closely resembles the Shimura Empire’s from League of Legends.

Jett’s spray is more than just a pretty pattern

The Hangul characters in Jett’s spray spell Insadong, a neighborhood in Jongno, Seoul. As Jett is a South Korean Agent, chances are she comes from that neighborhood and her spray is a nod to her hometown.

Valorant Agents come from all around the world

Each Agent has a different country of origin, except for Brimstone and Viper, who both hail from the United States.

The same people created LoL’s Champions and Valorant’s Agents

To create the Agents of Valorant, Riot Games brought in many members of League of Legends’ champion design team. Both games feature heroes with unique abilities that need to be quickly and easily identifiable from a gameplay perspective.

Casual chats between Agents

Agents sometimes talk to each other in-game, giving some depth to their personalities. According to creative director David Nottingham, these interactions will change over time as the Agents’ stories evolve.

Valorant receives regular updates, with new Agents and lore. The next Agent coming to Valorant, codenamed Sprinter, should be revealed in the upcoming months. They will most likely join the roster with Episode 3 Act 3 this October.

Stay tuned for more unusual facts about your favorite games!

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