4 games inspired by the John Wick films

Become Keanu Reeves for a second with these games inspired by John Wick.

The internet loves Keanu Reeves, and for a good reason. Despite the many tragedies in his personal life, Reeves rarely fails to be a genuine beacon of positivity and altruism. His character in the John Wick films, on the other hand, is like a natural disaster that can sneak up on people. Impressive, sure, and also terrifying.

John Wick is practically a pop culture legend at this point, and unsurprisingly there are a number of games based on the character. Sometimes the re-imagining isn’t super fleshed out . Other times the John Wick influence is not stated, but very much felt.

John Wick will be back in theaters in 2022 for its 4th opus. In the meantime, you can step into the iconic assassin’s stylish shoes by playing one of these four games inspired by John Wick’s story.

John Wick Chronicles

Coming out just a few weeks before the second John Wick movie’s premiere, John Wick Chronicles is a VR first-person shooter.

In John Wick Chronicles, players explore the iconic Continental Hotel and must kill impossible targets, either with a stealthy or a brutal approach. The virtual reality helps better step into John Wick’s world. That said, the game’s already received some mixed reviews about the overall quality. Moving on.

Fortnite’s The Reaper

In 2018, Fortnite unveiled a new character called The Reaper. Despite the obvious resemblance between John Wick and The Reaper, Epic Games denied any inspiration at first. 

One year later, the company admitted that The Reaper was based on Keanu Reeve’s character. To right the situation, Epic released an official John Wick skin in a trailer featuring both the official and unofficial skin of John Wick in Fortnite.

Payday 2: John Wick Heists

To the uninitiated, Payday 2 is a first-person cooperative shooter about pulling off heists. In Payday 2, players embody criminals robbing banks and stealing jewelry. The game is fast-paced, and the soundtrack matches it, letting players commit their virtual crimes with a heart-pumping rhythm to amplify the action. What I am saying is, Payday 2 was made for a John Wick crossover.

Following John Wick’s success in theaters, Payday 2 released a DLC featuring the deadly hitman. The John Wick Heist Pack is the 38th DLC pack for Payday 2. It includes two new heists, as well as new weapons, masks, patterns, materials, songs, and achievements.

John Wick Hex

This turn-based strategy game follows the exploits of John Wick as he tries to stop an international criminal mastermind called Hex. The game, designed in collaboration with the creative team and stuntmen from the movie John Wick 3: Parabellum, is a work of art in itself.

John Wick Hex is a prequel to the movie. The events of the game take place a few years before the first film, as John Wick faces a new nemesis. The gameplay focuses on tactics more than reflexes, in spirit of games like Superhot and Frozen Synapse.

While we wait for Cyberpunk, these four games are a pretty good way to get a helping of Keanu Reeves at his most badass.

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