4 Marvel’s Avengers mini-bosses we want to see in the game

SQUAD stream team member, Eren “Caboose” Kose, has a serious soft spot for anything Marvel. He recently covered some of the biggest villains we should see in Marvel’s Avengers, so it only felt right to check out the mini-bosses that should be there with them. As of right now, MODOK, Abomination, and Taskmaster are slated as some of the game’s villains.

Spoiler alert: Thanos isn’t on this list.


Maybe Mickey Rourke’s character didn’t hit the mark in the movies, but now that Marvel’s creating their own separate video game universe, they can revive and revitalize Whiplash’s character. Depending on the iteration that they choose – Mark Scarlotti, Leeann Foreman, or Anton Vanko – Marvel now gets to play with endless options now that they are bringing A.I.M in the picture.

Whiplash wouldn’t and shouldn’t stop the Avengers, but they sure could make for a hefty Avengers mini-boss speed bump in the grand scheme of things.

whiplash marvel avengers mini bosses

Baron von Strucker

If A.I.M exists, then its creator, Baron von Strucker, should be lurking around the corner. To his credit, Baron Strucker could very well be the main boss in the game, but these are all ifs & buts until more information gets released. Until then, Baron von Strucker could provide to be a formidable force as a complete package of intellect, strength, enhanced healing, and the ticking time bomb of the Death Spore virus coursing through his veins.

He’s painfully relevant to the Marvel Universe and game, and it would be a shock if he weren’t included even as a mini-boss. Baron von Strucker has serious Big Bad Evil Guy potential here.

baron von strucker


The Master of the Fundamental Force would be such a homerun swing, forcing players to think abstractly against a villain that manipulates gravity. Graviton (Franklin Hall) has been a member of the High Council of A.I.M and can reasonably spearhead major technological advancements against the Avengers. He would fit for the tech theme of the game, and has an extensive history fighting the Avengers as a group, or taking on individual members.

While most Avengers mini-bosses should be adept at traditional combat, it would be nice to see someone who can actually ground the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk.

graviton marvel avengers mini-bosses


Ulysses Klaue is far more cartoonish in the comics than Andy Serkis’ depiction in the MCU. Physically composed of solidified psionic sound, Klaw fits the mold of being a genius affiliate to A.I.M with supernatural abilities. His sonic emitter is an intimidating weapon, which creates powerful sonic blasts and construct-creatures with the power of sound.

klaw villain avengers

Klaw has clashed with many high profile heroes, and Including him could tie in members of The Fantastic Four and all of Wakanda. Klaw also has ties to, HYDRA, A.I.M, Doctor Doom, and a whole roster of villain friends.

Klaw doesn’t need to be a primary focus in the game as a villain, but it would be reasonable for him to create chaos throughout the game. Multiple appearances as a mini-boss could span through multiple levels, as it would be easy for him to elude the Avengers with his sonic projections.

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