4 upcoming survival games like Valheim

Valheim is one of the best survival sandbox games from these past few years. But once you are done building your perfect farmstead and taming all the boars, you may be looking for a new adventure to share with your friends. Luckily, there are plenty of survival games coming up in 2022 and beyond.

If most of the upcoming survival games are focused on horror, some of them still have the same sandbox features as Valheim. Here are some of the best upcoming survival games that feel like Valheim.


Release date: 2022
Platforms: Xbox Series X/S

ARK 2 is the anticipated sequel to ARK: Survival Evolved. The goal of this 2017 action-adventure survival video game was to befriend dinos and survive in a hostile environment. During The Game Awards 2020, developer Studio Wildcard announced both a sequel to this game and an animated series expanding the storyline.

There is still little information about ARK 2. All we know is that Vin Diesel will be starring in this game where human tribes are trying to survive on an alien planet. If it is anything like the original game, ARK 2 should be a fun multiplayer survival sandbox game. You can team up with friends and do pretty much anything you want while trying not to become a snack for big dinosaurs.


Release date: Early Access in 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

In Nightingale, a portal teleported you to an unknown territory inhabited by fantasy creatures. As one of the sole survivors in this new land, you have to create a safe space for your own. But if crafting a settlement is pretty basic in most survival games, Nightingale brings its share of surprises with the variety of creatures you can encounter. Chopping down a tree could reveal a tree-like monster, for example. Or you could also get stomped by a giant roaming the woods.

Much like Valheim, the goal of Nightingale is to build your own safe place while keeping the monsters inhabiting these lands as far as possible. The game is centered around multiplayer, so make sure to get your friends to play with you to increase your chances of survival.

Sons of the Forest

Release date: May 20, 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to The Forest, a 2018 survival horror game. The original game takes place on a remote land filled with cannibalistic monsters. Sons of the Forest doesn’t look any merrier, and players will need to fight off terrifying enemies in various environments.

While it is spookier than Valheim, Sons of the Forest shares the same mechanics of crafting, exploration, and survival in an unwelcoming territory.


Release date: 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

If your favorite part of Valheim was taming the boars and living a peaceful life in your homestead, then Palworld could be a good Valheim alternative for you.

Palworld is a mix between Valheim and Pokemon. This open-world survival game is filled with creatures called Pals. You can either befriend them, pit them against one another, or even butcher them to eat if you are into that. Palworld features several building options, and you don’t even need to sweat: your Pals will work on the construction for you. The game also features dungeon exploration, farming, breeding, and even poaching. You can do pretty much anything you want and ask friends to tag along.

I hope you will like these alternatives to Valheim! Stay tuned to SQUAD for more gaming content and news about upcoming games.

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