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5 massive details in the Star Wars: Eclipse trailer

There is no good or evil. Only those with power, and those without it.

Quantic Dream recently announced that they’re developing Star Wars: Eclipse. Since the studio is known for its narrative-driven approach, it’s safe to assume Star Wars: Eclipse will play not too differently from games like Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human. The Star Wars: Eclipse trailer dropped plenty of Easter eggs for die-hard Star Wars fans to pick up. We’ll pick apart some of the biggest details revealed in the Star Wars: Eclipse trailer.

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer


Star Wars recently announced Project Luminous, also known as Star Wars: The High Republic. It’s a multimedia project that takes place in the time predating the Clone Wars era by 200 years. It was announced that a group of Outer Rim marauders called Nihil will be the main antagonists in the Star Wars universe. Given that Star Wars: Eclipse takes place during the High Republic era, it’s likely that the race drumming on the taiko drums are the Nihil prepping for their invasion of the system of planets under control of the Galactic Republic.


It’s impossible to see a Kyuzo hat and not immediately think that it’s Embo blending in. While it isn’t a spitting image of what his hat looks like in the comics or the Clone Wars series, a quick reimagination wouldn’t be crazy. The Kyuzo race ages like humans do, so while it’s unlikely that it’s Embo, this Bounty Hunter can be him, or an ancestor. Embo was widely regarded as one of the best Bounty Hunters in the galaxy.


The Jedi are peacekeepers for the Galactic Republic. The trailer gives us a glimpse of Grand Master Yoda looking out to Coruscant as the sun sets, probably anticipating the upcoming conflict. Yoda will be either a playable character or a prominent NPC that’ll guide the Jedi investigating the invasion lead by the Nihil or Trade Federation.

Trade Federation

Shoutout to the Neimoidians in the Star Wars: Eclipse trailer! The Trade Federation was the political face opposing the Galactic Republic in the Clone Wars era. The invasion could be the catalyst leading to the prominent rise of the Trade Federation. They’re most likely financially supporting the invasion while keeping their hands clean, like the deceitful politicians that they are.

star wars eclipse dooku
Image courtesy of Quantic Dream

Count Dooku

It’s hard to ignore what looked like Count Dooku’s lightsaber. Dooku was previously a Jedi that trained under Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn. We did mention how Yoda would be either a playable character or a prominent NPC guiding the Jedi. Dooku was born during the High Republic era, and this could serve as the origin story of his path to the Dark Side of the Force. He is a skilled duelist and general, so he can operate as one of the main protagonists of the story.

We’re still years away from Star Wars: Eclipse dropping actual gameplay trailers, but it’s always fun to speculate based on what we’ve seen so far. Until then, stay tuned for more Star Wars content!

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