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5 reasons why Goose Goose Duck is better than Among Us


Among Us took 2020 by storm as one of the biggest games of the year. It brought friends together during a global pandemic, and then exposed the biggest liar in each friend group. While Among Us walked so others can run, new social deduction offering Goose Goose Duck shows up in a full sprint with features that blow Among Us out of the water. Here are some reasons why Among Us should worry about Goose Goose Duck being the better game.

Character roles

Goose Goose Duck gives a purpose to every player outside of completing tasks. It’s more than separating the Geese from the Ducks – the game’s version of Crewmates and Impostors – as each player has a special ability to tap into, giving them actions or insights that make them unique from other players. Ducks kill, Goose players survive and complete tasks, and there are other birds with unique win conditions. This is better than the clear-cut Killer or Crewmate division in Among Us.

Proximity chat

Among Us does not have a proximity chat feature. If you want to use voice chat, you need to use Discord. Goose Goose Duck on the other hand has proximity chat baked into the game. That means you can run between rooms screaming at other players if you want. It is an infinitely better communication and deception feature than spamming text chat in meetings.

Different Goose Goose Duck game modes

Map variety is great, but different game modes are better. Instead of just customizing a handful of variables, Goose Goose Duck gives players the option to change up the game mode completely. Players can toggle between Classic, Classic+, Goosehunt, and Dine and Dash. Having these premade variations is a lot better than establishing honor rules and exact settings for made-up Among Us game modes.

Goose Goose Duck: Gameplay Trailer


Among Us is only free on mobile, and there are options to spend money to change your appearance through DLC packs. Meanwhile, Goose Goose Duck is completely free on PC and mobile and if you play enough you’ll earn in-game rewards that let you buy the look you want. The zero monetization approach gives all players the opportunity to unlock whatever they want.


Among Us players can’t hit a button to fart in-game. Goose Goose Duck players, on the other hand, can spam gas to achieve literally nothing. These farts are customizable, giving players their own personal audio branding. This game is basically heaven if you have the sense of humor of a four-year-old.

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