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5 things to expect from Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth

You can probably expect a fun time

Electronic Arts, Capital Games, and Middle-earth Enterprises have announced an upcoming mobile collectible RPG, Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth. Capital Games is best known for the mobile hit Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. If Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth finds its legs after release, it won’t surprise anyone if it generates some serious dough, just like SWGOH. So here are some safe bets on what to expect from Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth.

A wide roster of characters from the LOTR universe

Between the movies, TV shows, video games, comic books, and novels, SWGOH has a vast roster of hundreds of characters. In that regard, the two franchises are similar, as LOTR also spans a large universe packed with interesting people and creatures. Just drawing the original Lord of the Rings movie trilogy would be enough to populate Heroes of Middle Earth with characters, picking from countless options within Gondor, Mordor, Rohan, Fangorn, Isengard, goblins in Moria, elves from Lothlorian, and everything in between. Capital Games have pulled from obscure passages in Star Wars and have even made up characters that haven’t previously existed elsewhere to flesh out SWGOH, and we expect to see a similar approach with LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth.

Aside from unique individual characters, the developed can create multiple character kits built off of a single character. For example, in SWGOH, there are five different Han Solo characters, four and a half different versions of Chewbacca (Chewbacca and C-3PO share one), and three different kits for Kylo Ren. For Heroes of Middle Earth, players can expect multiple iterations of each hobbit in the Fellowship, or a few different Aragorn kits.

Some of these character variants may be motivated by gameplay reasons, others by differences in how the same character appears across different media. There will be a massive distinction from Galadriel in the book, movies, and upcoming TV show, and we can expect each version to be represented by a unique character in Heroes of Middle Earth. Possibilities are endless with the rich lore of Lord of the Rings. These variations are also a lot of fun since they add story-specific details or references for LOTR fans to recognize.

Guild raids

SWGOH has fun collaborative guild events for PvE game modes like the Rancor Raid. There are iconic moments in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies that could be adapted into Raid content. Like the SWGOH Rancor Raid, it would be easy to see a Mines of Moria raid that moves through tiers of fighting an endless horde of goblins that would eventually lead to a multi-phase encounter with the Balrog. Fingers crossed for Frodo and Merry navigating Cirith Ungol, the defense of Osgiliath, or the last stand at the Black Gate Raids!

PvP tournaments

Over time, SWGOH has shifted from traditional arena modes to a larger Grand Arena Championship tournament spanning a few days. The journey from the SWGOH release of 2015 until the present day might save those years of experimentation and testing for the LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth. Developers can cut straight to a grander PvP arena mode like Grand Arena Championships. This lets players theorycraft and use most of their LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth roster through multiple battles in PvP rather than one champion team to climb the ladder.

MTX-heavy monetization

Microtransactions in mobile titles are one of the largest revenue drivers in modern gaming. It goes without saying that unless EA and Capital Games royally drop the ball, LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth will be a money-printing machine. Expect lots of character packs, boosters, cosmetics, limited-time items, and all the other microtransaction goodness gamers have been inundated with over the past decade.

Multi-tiered leveling system

Leveling and playstyle variety are important in games with PvP modes. If battle mechanics aren’t skill-based, they need to revolve around item sets or mods. SWGOH has a reasonably robust modding system and multiple tiers of leveling through core character levels, abilities, mods, and Relic levels. LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth won’t be skill-based, so players should expect characters to follow a similar multi-tiered leveling system to avoid mirror matches ending in draws.

Lord of the Rings has a massive universe with plenty to offer. The upcoming Amazon TV series should also have millions of dollars worth of content to pull from, so players should expect a long shelf life for LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth. Stay tuned for LOTR: Heroes of Middle Earth guides, tips, and more.

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