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6 biggest Horizon Forbidden West plot twists and surprises

Five years after Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is back for new adventures in Horizon Forbidden West. Her journey will take her from Utah to the Pacific Coast and she will discover new lands, machines, and threats to overcome. But her story isn’t all exploration and wrecking deadly machines. Horizon Forbidden West hides many surprises, and few of them are positive for Aloy.

If you haven’t finished Horizon Forbidden West yet, bookmark this article for later. As we are going to talk about the biggest surprises of the game, this article will contain several spoilers. I don’t want to ruin your fun, so leave while you can! For those of you who have completed the game or don’t care about spoilers, here are the six biggest Horizon Forbidden West plot twists and surprises.

Aloy isn’t the only clone of Elisabet Sobeck

Right at the beginning of the game, Horizon Forbidden West reveals its first surprise: Aloy is not the only clone of Dr. Elisabet Sobeck. Aloy was pretty unique in Horizon Zero Dawn, but she meets her clone in this sequel.

As Aloy is getting Gaia’s backup in a gene-locked hatch, she stumbles upon Beta, another clone of Elisabet Sobeck. Beta is with a team of enhanced super-humans, the Far Zenith. She will soon join Aloy on her journey.

Ted Faro is (somewhat) alive

Ted Faro is the scientist behind the creation of most of the world of Horizon. Long before the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Faro created machines that consume biomass for fuel and can self-replicate. One day, these machines went rogue and threatened to kill all life on the planet. This became known as the Faro Plague.

In Horizon Forbidden West, we discover that Faro is not dead. The scientist managed to stay alive using gene therapy. But things didn’t really go as planned, and while Faro is alive, he no longer looks human.

Ceo, the leader of the Quen tribe and a fan of Faro, finds out about the fate of his hero. He decides to burn everything to the ground and kill all witnesses – including Aloy. Luckily, the huntress survives. But this time, Faro dies for good.

The death of a faithful friend

Speaking of deaths, one of the biggest surprises in Horizon Forbidden West is the death of Aloy’s friend Varl. The two characters met in Horizon Zero Dawn, when Aloy was looking for the way to Meridian. The two became friends and Varl followed Aloy in most of her Forbidden West journey.

That is, until Far Zenith’s assault into Cauldron Gemini. Three Far Zenith members come through the roof and attack Aloy’s party. Varl tries to protect Beta, but Erik kills the Nora Brave with his futuristic blade.

An unexpected ally

When Far Zenith attacks Aloy’s group in Cauldron Gemini, the huntress and her friends have very few chances to get out of there alive. As I just mentioned above, not all of them do.

But Aloy is the game’s heroine, so she gets some circumstantial plot armor. The third Far Zenith member, Tilda, turns on her former allies and helps the huntress escape.

Tilda brings Aloy to safety and explains that she has found and repaired Aloy’s old Focus, allowing her to see the huntress’ various exploits. She was inspired by what she saw and decided to help Aloy stop Far Zenith.

Tilda’s true intentions

Tilda admits that one of the reasons she is fond of Aloy is that she was in love with Elisabet Sobeck. She wants to steal Gaia to create a new world far away from Earth. Tilda tries to force Aloy onto the Odyssey, a colony spaceship, to join her on that fantastic trip.

Aloy refuses, so Tilda wears a huge Far Zenith exoskeleton to force her onto the spaceship. The huntress eventually wins the fight, seemingly killing Tilda.

The power of friendship

At the beginning of Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy discovers that Sylens used her to get access to Hades’ data. The two don’t really like each other: Aloy believes Sylens is a traitor, and Sylens thinks the huntress is way too idealistic to be of any real use.

By the end of the game, Sylens reveals he knew about Nemesis – the real bad guy of the game – from Hades’ extracted data. He wants to steal the Odyssey shuttle and the Apollo database to save humanity from Nemesis’ wrath, far away from Earth. He invites Aloy to join him, and does so much more civilly than Tilda did. Aloy declines and goes back to her friends. Sylens watches the huntress and her friends, changes his mind, and decides to stay on Earth to help the tribes prepare to fight Nemesis.

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