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6 must-watch TV shows for fans of horror games

October is here now, which means horror aficionados will be looking to get their spook on. While playing through well-crafted horror games is an experience like no other, nothing beats the simple pleasure of binging horror shows with friends (or, for extra impact, alone in the dark.) Here are some of the best TV shows we could recommend for fans of horror games.

The Birch

For fans of spooky urban legends, The Birch is a must-watch. Part of the Crypt TV family, the show tells the story of a group of teenagers who discover a terrifying presence in the woods near their town. Classic.

The Birch is recommended for fans of Blair Witch Project and Dead by Daylight and can be watched on Facebook Watch. The show wrapped up season 2 this May, and we don’t know for sure if we have another season coming.

The Birch Official Trailer | Facebook Watch

The Walking Dead

Zombies are a staple in horror games and The Walking Dead is an iconic franchise that needs no introduction. With multiple Telltale Games, The Walking Dead has also carved its own niche in horror gaming. While some may not be fans of the later seasons, the Walking Dead provides a sprawling narrative of gore, zombies, and human tragedy to binge-watch.

The Walking Dead is recommended for fans of The Walking Dead Telltale series (though if you like the games, you may have already seen the show.) It can be watched on Netflix and AMC+.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Official Trailer

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil Village was a big hit this year, but did you know there is also a Netflix series based on the iconic franchise? Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness follows the story of Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2. This is one of the shorter series on the list, with only four episodes.

Infinite Darkness is recommended for fans of the Resident Evil games, and can be watched on Netflix.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Official Trailer | Netflix

Black Summer

The zombie trope can get a bit overdone at times but Black Summer’s brutal narrative adds some realism to the apocalyptic setting. Similar to Left 4 Dead, in Black Summer a rag-tag group of characters are brought together to fight off zombies, each bringing their own skills (and baggage).

Black Summer is recommended for fans of Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, and can be watched on Netflix.

Black Summer: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Based on the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, this quirky anime follows the story of 15 students who get accepted into a prestigious school. After an unexpected reveal from the school’s principal, their academic experience turns into a struggle to survive.

Danganronpa is recommended for fans of the Danganronpa games, and can be watched on Hulu and Apple TV.

Danganronpa - The Complete Series - Available Now

The Returned

TV shows about a small-town mystery are basically horror games waiting to happen. The Returned is perfect for those who are just finishing the Alan Wake remaster and would like to stay in that world a little longer.

The Returned - Trailer

The Returned can be watched on SlingTV and Amazon Prime Video.

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