6 scary Pokémon that are actual nightmare fuel

Most Pokémon are cute little creatures we just want to cuddle with. But some of these Pocket Monsters are actual monsters that look like they could murder your entire family. Today, we won’t talk about Pikachu or Eevee. Instead, we are taking a look at some scary Pokémon that might fuel your nightmares.


Banette is an abandoned doll possessed by pure hatred. As if creepy possessed dolls were not enough, Banette can evolve into Mega Banette. The Pokémon gains extra zippers looking like scars all across its body and face. Some zippers are open, showing Mega Banette’s cursed purple body.

Banette likes to bestow curses on everyone – including its trainer – by sticking pins to itself like a voodoo doll. What a charming creature.

Pokemon Mega Banette
Image by The Pokémon Company.


Do you like building sandcastles at the beach in the summer? Well, summer is over, and your love for sand might disappear too once you meet Palossand. This lovely Pokémon looks like a sandcastle, with pebbles decorating the entrance and main tower. However, Palossand isn’t as cute as it looks. It loves feeding on other Pokémon, capturing them in a sandy vortex, and crushing them to death. It’s no wonder why Palossand is also known as the Beach Nightmare.

Pokemon Palossand
Image by The Pokémon Company.


Lampent is a lamp you would rather never see. This Pokémon can sense when someone is about to die and comes to steal their soul. Lampent likes to hang around hospitals, which are like restaurants for it.

Pokemon Lampent
Image by The Pokémon Company.


Haunter is a staple when it comes to scary Pokémon. In the Generation I games, we meet this ghost in the Pokémon Tower, a skyscraper holding a gigantic burial ground for Pokémon. This may be its favorite place in Kanto: Haunter is fond of dark places, and more importantly, of death.

The Pokémon is known to be a prankster, scaring its victims and floating through walls. But don’t be fooled by its funny nature: if Haunter ever managed to reach you, it would lick your soul out of your body, leaving you convulsing until you died.

Pokemon Haunter
Image by The Pokémon Company.


It is spooky season, so we had to mention the pumpkinest Pokémon of them all: Gourgeist. While this little squash Pokémon seems harmless, you shouldn’t let its appearance fool you. On the night of a new moon, Gourgeist roams around, singing. Those who hear its song are cursed and taken to the afterlife. The favorite victims of Gourgeist are adults pretending to be children and children pretending to be adults, so make sure to always act your age.

Pokemon Gourgeist
Image by The Pokémon Company.


Despite being one of the cutest Pokémon on this list, Froslass is probably the creepiest of them all. This scary Pokémon is like a wicked version of Elsa from Frozen. Froslass likes stalking people climbing up the mountains, only to freeze them whenever they come too close. If its prey is cute enough, Froslass will add its statue to its collection. The Pokémon likes to line up frozen specimens in its cave to look at forever.

Froslass Pokemon
Image by The Pokémon Company.

Which Pokémon gives you the creeps? If you are looking for something a little bit scarier, check out Bárbara’s selection of short horror games to play on Halloween.

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