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6 ways Genshin Impact’s photo mode could be better

Photo mode in Genshin Impact is three things: simple, useful, and ripe for improvement. Here are six keys ways in which Genshin Impact’s photo mode could be better.

Stop time

We already have the ability to advance time as we desire – why not add in an option to pause time or even reverse it? Yes, I understand the implications that either of these could have – so maybe just implement them as photo mode features? Pausing time would be of great help when taking photos regardless though. Might as well throw in the ability to go frame-by-frame to really refine the system as well. Too often does it happen that I have the perfect shot lined up in my head and in-game and I’m just waiting for an animation to play. While waiting, time is still passing and then I lose that perfect sunset or sunrise or the weather changes. Speaking of…

Trigger animations

This one speaks for itself really. We already have the option to choose certain poses and emotions to convey – why not let us go a step further and trigger specific character animations? The ability to trigger idle animations, or even attack animations, would really open up the possibilities for photos. It would also be super convenient, to say the least.

More poses

Maybe we could learn new poses as an unlockable friendship goal with each character – they would definitely make for some more unique photos. There are no other real rewards for friendship levels in Genshin Impact besides some emotions and backstory, so this would be a good way to incentivize really using those characters and increasing friendship levels with them. Give us some sitting poses, maybe some more expressive poses and stances and actions that we can use to show off our characters and their personalities.

Genshin Impact Photo mode
Image by SQUAD

Free cam

Genshin Impact already lets us play around with different zoom levels and angles – but having a free cam mode would really add that extra oomph to photo mode. It would allow you to get even more extreme or intimate angles, leave more room for experimentation, and would be great for those sweet, sweet landscape photos.

Domain photos!

I cannot stress this enough, I need to be able to take photos in Domains. The scenery is too to not take photos in them and to this day I still don’t know why it’s not an option. Sure, you can take screenshots with Windows, but it’s even harder to time those, and you don’t get all the nice photo mode options. The Kamera is of no use in there either as those are limited the same way. Why make this gorgeous arena if we’re not going to be able to cherish it? All I do is fight, win, and do it all again. It’s a shame really.

Filters, color and temp sliders, and so on

This one is really just for things like fine-tuning the colors of your photo. FIlters and color-changing options would be the cherry on top for photo mode. You can be dramatic, hopeful, pessimistic, and more, all by just changing the filter or contrast of a photo.

*Insert photo pun here*

Those are just a few of the features that would definitely serve to improve the photo mode in Genshin Impact. Photo mode may seem like just a small thing, but a game like Genshin Impact deserves the appropriate tools to show it off in all its beauty.

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