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7 great social deduction games to play in 2022

Social deduction games have existed for a long time. They’re games of manipulation about fooling other players into thinking you’re “one of the good guys” and totally not out to get them. The only way you can win most social deduction games is by tricking and eventually eliminating other players. Among Us made waves by taking these typically in-person games into the video game medium. It pretty much perfected the formula and helped set the standard for social deduction games, but it is certainly not the only such title worth your time. We’ll check out the best social deduction games to play in 2022.

Among Us

Among Us will be remembered as one of the most iconic games of 2020. This was the game that brought together family and friends in a time of isolation, proving that the deception and frustration earned while playing were well worth the physical social distancing. Among Us is reasonably balanced if you want it to be, and there are several maps to play through, and customizable settings to change the game up.

Goose Goose Duck

Among Us walked so that Goose Goose Duck could run. Goose Goose Duck took the Among Us social deduction formula and added spice, raising the bar in almost every aspect. It added to the genre by creating a roster of different character roles and game modes. Goose Goose Duck is a must-play social deduction game for 2022.

Project Winter and Dread Hunger

There are plenty of similarities between Project Winter and Among Us. Like in other social deduction games, players have to complete a series of tasks without being eliminated by a traitor. The major difference Project Winter brings is through adding survival elements like scavenging for resources, braving the harsh winter, and fighting off enemies like bears. It’s a lot of juggling between PvP and PvE, while keeping tabs on who’s who.

If you enjoy Project Winter, Dread Hunger is another similar title that brings these elements together, though with a slightly more grim setting.

Project Winter - Gameplay Trailer

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor revolves around a mysterious Ron Swanson lookalike chasing a group of small children who have invaded his property. The children are tasked with finding key cards to unlock a gate or door to their survival. Meanwhile, the Neighbor has to catch the children before they can complete their escape. Secret Neighbor plays similarly to Dead by Daylight as a 1v4 asymmetrical game of hide-and-seek while incorporating disguise elements to help you blend in with the kids, hence the social deduction. The Neighbor can move keys to different hiding spots and use special abilities to blend in with his quarry.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is an arcade shooter FPS version of Among Us. The premise is the same except the crew members can fight back, leveling out the playing field a little better than some of the other games mentioned above. There are some simple tasks to complete, coupled with a variety of item drops like guns to grenades. Unfortunate Spacemen was developed back in 2016 and may no longer be the sexiest social deduction title on the block, but it’s a scary hoot of a game that can have some levity if you want it to. There are plenty of maps to play through, and tons of cosmetic options you can unlock as you play through the game. It’s definitely a fun party game if you can get a group of 16 people together. And if you can’t, there are other social deduction games in space to try out in 2022.


Just because Flash games are dead, it doesn’t mean web browser games are done for. Betrayal.io is a web-based or mobile game that’s inspired by Werewolf, Mafia, and Among Us. The game is a winner by merit of accessibility alone, as players can play this free-to-play game as long as they have an internet connection. It’s one of the easiest to play games on this list, and definitely a great game to throw on while killing time with friends.

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