7 new MMO games for PC coming out in 2022 and beyond

2021 was a good year for MMO fans, with the launch of major titles like New World, World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, and Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Luckily for us, 2022 promises more great new MMO games! Here is a selection of 7 upcoming MMO games coming out in 2022 on PC.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Release date: February 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Classic Mac OS

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion pack for Guild Wars 2. Players will discover Cantha, an old land ruled by the Empire of the Dragon. End of Dragons brings additional mechanics to the game with nine new elite specializations – one for every profession. This expansion also introduces fishing, portable boats you can take anywhere, a guildhall, and a new generation of legendary weapons.

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons - First Look

Starborne: Frontiers

Release date: May 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Starborne: Frontiers is a new space strategy MMO based on the universe of Starborne. The original Starborne game is a tactical 4X MMO in which players lead a stellar empire and have to fight against thousands of other players to take control of the galaxy. Basically, it is like Civilization, but in space and with way more players.

Starborne: Frontiers takes the existing world of Starborne, but adds more of an RPG twist to the RTS game. The game will feature both PvP and PvE elements, and players will have the opportunity to team up to defeat harder opponents. Starborne: Frontiers is still pretty mysterious, but we should have more information before its launch in May 2022.

Starborne: Frontiers Teaser Trailer

Lost Ark

Release date: 2022 (NA and EU)
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG that already has millions of players in Korea, Russia, and Japan. The game features 15 classes with customizable skills, as well as PvP modes and PvE dungeons and raids.

Four years after its release in Korea, Lost Ark is finally coming to the West in 2022. Amazon Games, the company behind New World, handles the publishing of Lost Ark in North America and Europe. The game was initially planned for Fall 2021, but as it hasn’t yet been tested with a Western audience, the company decided to push back the release date to 2022.

Lost Ark Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021


Release date: Q1 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Pioner is a post-apocalyptic MMOFPS with RPG and survival elements. The goal is to survive on a Soviet island separated from the mainland by a large-scale technogenic anomaly. Of course, that means fighting off weird-looking enemies and scouting for survivors in a devasted wasteland.

The main goal of Pioner is to survive and explore the world. The game includes a crafting system, weapon customization, underground labs filled with mutants, as well as raids and PvP modes.

PIONER - Reveal Trailer [ENG]

Ashes of Creation

Release date: TBA, currently in Alpha
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Ashes of Creation is an ambitious MMORPG which has been on our radar for quite a while now. It promises a dynamic open world, where the NPCs come and go depending on the actions of the players. They can either help develop the world and its political and societal landscape, or burn everything to the ground.

While Ashes of Creation seems great on paper, we are still waiting for its official release. The game is currently in closed alpha, meaning it is already in a playable state. Two additional alpha phases and two beta rollouts should follow before the game is fully released. Fingers crossed Ashes of Creation will have a release date before the end of 2022.

Ashes of Creation - Official Alpha One Teaser Trailer

Rulers of the Sea

Release date: TBA
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Rulers of the Sea is a historical sandbox MMORPG set in 1750. Players can manage an entire family in one of the 760 port cities and capitals worldwide, choosing their career among 40 available. Each character needs to study before joining a career, even if it’s to sail off to the new world.

Rulers of the Sea is more of an RPG you can play with friends than an MMORPG where the sole goal is to log in to complete your weekly raid. Everyone can control several characters and become a lawyer, governor, cartographer, or just go hunt whales. Rulers of the Sea is still in the funding stage.

Rulers of the Sea Teaser

Embers Adrift

Release date: Q4 2022
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Embers Adrift is a purely PvE MMORPG set in a medieval world. It does not feature any PvP mode, instead putting the emphasis on PvE with dungeons, raids, and open-world content. There is no major hub quest or mini-map, so that players can roam around freely and discover the world at their own pace.

Embers Adrift was formerly known as Saga of Lucimia. Pre-orders will be available this October, and the game is planned for a mid-2022 release.

2022 is shaping up to be a great year for MMO gaming, with several titles for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile finally coming out after delays caused by the pandemic. Stay tuned to Squad for more gaming news and content!

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