8 new horror and survival games coming out in 2022

Horror games releases in 2021 were all over the place, with innovative indies and AAA sequels competing for the attention of players in a saturated market. 2022 is already looking quite promising for fans of horror games. From Dying Light 2 to The Outlast Trials, we are in for a treat, so let’s explore some of the best horror games coming out in 2022.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light came out in 2015 and the epic questline, the thrilling open world, and its unique view of zombies made it one of the best survival horror games to date. Luckily for us, we are getting a sequel in February 2022: Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

The game is set in the City, which is 4 times bigger than the previous one, and the players get to explore it as much as they like. The map is divided into 7 districts, occupied by various warring factions. Each decision players make influences how the inhabitants of the districts will act towards them, how the world of Dying Light 2 shapes itself, and how the game ends.

According to developers Techland, Dying Light 2 will be a much scarier game, considering zombies will now be much stronger and intimidating.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is set in 2030, in a prison colony known as Black Iron, which is controlled by the United Jupiter Company. In this game, you will be taking on the role of a prisoner and unluckily for you, the prison’s warden has seemingly orchestrated some sort of alien invasion. The game is shaping up to be a spiritual successor to Dead Space.

There aren’t any other known details on the plot of The Callisto Protocol, but I can tell you that, by the game’s trailer, I am convinced that I will play it.

The Callisto Protocol - Official Red Band Cinematic Trailer

The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials has got to be one of the most highly anticipated horror games for 2022; then again my opinion might be biased since I’m a sucker for the Outlast saga. I mean, there is no time to relax, you’re always waiting for the next jumpscare, and the story is quite interesting.

Anyway, The Outlast Trials is to be a co-op survival horror game, so you get to play on your own or with friends. It will work as a spin-off from the Outlast franchise and it will be a prequel to the previous games. As for the plot, The Outlast Tirlas follows the story of a group of people who unwillingly ended up as test subjects for a mysterious experiment during the Cold War. Fans of the older games should enjoy the pre-continuation of the established narrative.

The Outlast Trials - Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2021

Level Zero

Level Zero looks like a great fit for those who enjoyed Alien: Isolation. It is a tactical online horror game in which players must repair the space station they are currently on while trying to keep away from the nasty creatures hunting them. In Level Zero you won’t be chased by mobs: instead, your enemy is a team of player-controlled monsters whose mission is to kill all survivors in order to prevent the space station from being repaired.

The game is fast-paced, the creatures are incredibly scary, and I think Level Zero is looking to be one of the most exciting multiplayer horror games releasing in 2022.

Level Zero - Official Reveal Trailer

Once Upon a Time in Roswell

Creaky doors, chains moving, and supernatural beings… Once Upon a Time in Roswell has all the classic ingredients to a good horror game.

As for the story, it is all about a detective who gets put in charge of solving the mystery behind an entire family who has gone missing.

Once Upon a Time in Roswell - PAX West 2019 Reveal Trailer

Sons of the Forest

Enjoyed playing The Forest? Good, because there is a sequel on the way: Sons of the Forest. Yup, and it looks scary af. There aren’t many details on the story, as the developers believe it is better to keep it as a surprise, but from what I can tell from the trailer, there won’t be a shortage of creepy caves and ugly monsters.

Sons of the Forest - Official Gameplay Trailer

Resident Evil Re:Verse

Ready for yet another Resident Evil game? Yes or no, Re:Verse is on the way! In Resident Evil Re:Verse, you and up to five other players will take on the role of famous Resident Evil characters and fight to the death in quick arena matches. Whoever collects more points wins the match. Don’t worry if you get killed, as you will be transformed into a powerful bioweapon and can then hunt down whoever killed you in the first place. Overall, this new multiplayer Resident Evil title looks chaotic and fun.

Resident Evil Re:Verse - Teaser Trailer


Last but not least is Scorn. The game was supposed to be released in late 2021 but it has just been postponed, so it gets a spot on this list.

SCORN Trailer NEW (2020) Horror Game HD

In Scorn, the player will take control over a skinless humanoid lost in an alien planet that is filled with biomechanical environments and weird creatures – not that the main character is normal themselves. The player must explore the map and find out more about the planet. All in all, Scorn seems like an unusual and promising horror game.

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