9 horror co-op games like Devour

Nothing brings people together better than fear, don’t you think? You probably do, since you are reading this article. Devour is an awesome co-op horror survival game, and today I am sharing with you guys 9 games like it, so you and your friends can jump, scream – and who knows, maybe even pee your pants a little – together.


You were probably already expecting this one to make the list. Phasmophobia impressed and terrified players when it launched thanks to its innovative audio mechanics and dynamic environments. It is dead fun for those who love horror games and love playing with friends, and it continues to get regular content updates.

Phasmophobia Trailer

Sign of Silence

Who wouldn’t want to go camping with friends and end up getting trapped in the middle of some creepy woods with nasty creatures lurking about?

In Sign of Silence, you and your friends will have to roam the woods in the search for much-needed materials to fix your car and successfully make it out in one piece. Sounds simple, but unless you can perfectly muffle any sound you make, you’ll have enemies coming for you.

Sign of Silence - Cooperative Horror Game Trailer


This game is much like the other games mentioned on this list, in that you have to escape some terrible place and survive at the same time. However, Deceit adds an Among Us twist to it: instead of escaping a known enemy, the enemy is someone on your team.

That’s right, you and your friends will try to solve all puzzles while trying to figure out who is the Impostor. Luckily for you, there are weapons all over for you to defend yourself (or for the Impostor to murder you with.) When you’re ready, you can vote out whoever you think the monster, a.k.a. the Impostor, is.

Deceit: The 6-Player Game of Trust & Deception

Emily Wants to Play

Emily wants to play… Smart people would say “No, thank you”, but those people wouldn’t be reading this article.

This co-op horror survival game is full of jumpscares and it starts with the player – in the role of the pizza delivery person – driving up to a house to deliver the goods, only to find out the house completely empty and the door wide open… As we all know, nothing ever goes well for people who enter a house uninvited, especially if the house is creepy and in a weird location.

Emily Wants to Play - Announcement Trailer | PS4


For those of you fascinated by the idea of traveling through Ancient Egypt and exploring the Pyramids, here’s a completely terrifying way to experience your dream. Forewarned will have you and three other players gear up to explore some Egyptian ruins in order to collect treasures and uncover historical artifacts. Needless to say, it all turns sour pretty soon.

FOREWARNED - Official Announcement Trailer


Grab a couple of friends and head out into a haunted house – sounds just like Ghostbusters, right? Pacify goes much harder than Ghostbusters, as you will have a vengeful presence hunting you and your friends, trying to kill you one by one. In theory, you are there to collect evidence, but most of the time you will just be running for your life.

Pacify - Gameplay Trailer #1

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a household name for fans of horror co-op games. Four Survivor players need to work together to escape the Killer: another player whose only job is to catch and sacrifice all Survivors.

To win the game, you will need to work together with the other three players and find your way out. It is impossible to survive on your own, so you will have to play as a team, to outsmart the creatures working for the Entity. Dead by Daylight has a deep and interesting lore that draws from many iconic franchises across horror fiction.

Dead by Daylight | Launch Trailer

Monstrum 2

If you like creepy, alien-looking creatures, then Monstrum 2 is for you. This game is set in the 70s, inside a labyrinth under the sea where you and three other players will attempt to escape a hellish monster controlled by another player.

There is a lot of teamwork involved, the team of prisoners will have to solve a bunch of puzzles and problems in order to survive. It is the perfect game for those who do well under stress, considering you have to solve all problems and puzzles while being hunted.

Monstrum 2 - Official Cinematic Trailer | 2020

Folklore Hunter

Do you like mythological creatures? Good! In Folklore Hunter, you and your friends will play as hunters on the prowl for bears or moose, finding themselves being hunted instead.

Folklore Hunter PC Gameplay | 1080P HD

While not every game mentioned can be directly compared to Devour, I trust those of you who enjoy the tension and core gameplay of Devour will find games on the list that you can enjoy just as much. I know I certainly did while researching games for the list.

Let me know which of these you have tried, and stay tuned to SQUAD for more horror game content!

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