9 Pokemon shockingly missing from New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap features 214 Pokemon to find and photograph. While this is a major improvement from the 63 Pokemon in the original Pokemon Snap game, some popular Pokemon are missing from the new game, and it’s tough to imagine why.


This is the second time Ekans bailed on us. The snake Pokemon appeared in the beta version of the original Pokemon Snap, only to disappear from the final version of the game.

So, did Ekans make its comeback in New Pokemon Snap? Nope. The Pokemon is still missing from the game, despite being one of the most popular Pokemon, and probably one of the easiest ones to add to an environment like the Founja Jungle; especially since its evolution, Arbok, is here.

Pokemon Ekans


Now, this is the biggest scandal in New Pokemon Snap as far as I am concerned. Where is Gyarados? This Pokemon is the evolution of Magikarp and has been featured in all Pokemon games to date. He was also an important part of the original Pokemon Snap, where throwing apples at Magikarp could eventually lead to a Gyarados jumping out of the water.

The disappointment is amplified after roaming through Maricopia Reef. There is a big whirlpool hiding a mysterious Pokemon. If you throw Fluffruits into the whirlpool, a Magikarp jumps out of it. That surely means that the mysterious Pokemon hiding in the whirlpool is a Gyarados, right?

Throw several Illumina Orbs into the whirlpool to make the mysterious Pokemon appear. And guess who it is? No, not Gyarados. It’s just a Tortoise, who appeared to have lost its way and mingled with Magikarp. Gyarados is nowhere to be found in New Pokemon Snap, and I for one am majorly miffed.

Pokemon Gyarados


Treecko is the grass starter from the Hoenn region, alongside fire-type Torchic and water-type Mudkip. While both Torchic and Mudkip made it to New Pokemon Snap, Treecko is mysteriously missing from the game.

Grass starters are quite infamous for trainers, as the fire and water types are usually more powerful. But that is no reason to keep Treecko out of New Pokemon Snap, where the goal is to take cute pictures of Pokemon. And what could be cuter than the three starter Pokemon from Generation III hanging out together? Sadly, Treecko was not invited to this party.

Treecko Pokemon


Ditto is a shape-shifting Pokemon that can take the form of any other Pokemon. He is quite unique, with his goofy face and ability to hide as other Pokemon. It would have been great to throw an apple at a Pokemon, only to see it was a Ditto morphing. Unfortunately, that is not happening in New Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon Ditto


Dunsparce is quite the useless Pokemon if you aim to defeat Gym Leaders. It cannot evolve into another Pokemon and doesn’t do much besides lying around, eyes closed. However, interactions with Dunsparce in New Pokemon Snap could have been great.

Scientists believe that the small wings on Dunsparce’s back allowed the Pokemon to fly around in ancient times. Nowadays, he can barely float around, but wouldn’t that make for a great 4-star picture in New Pokemon Snap?

Dunsparce usually hides in caves, so an appearance in the Outaway Cave would be logical. Unfortunately, Dunsparce didn’t make it to New Pokemon Snap and we will never get a chance to see those tiny wings in action.

Image by The Pokemon Company.


Encountering Magnemite in the original Pokemon Snap was one of the most memorable events of the game. When you tried to take a picture of Magnemite, its electrical powers interfered with the camera. The only way to take a picture of this Pokemon was to lure it with an apple and take a shot while Magnemite was focused on it. And if you managed to gather three Magnemite at the same spot, they would merge and evolve into a Magneton.

Magnemite is not in New Pokemon Snap. No other Pokemon interact with the camera the way Magnemite did. Having some interference or any other mechanic preventing us from taking direct pictures of a Pokemon would have been fun.

Pokemon Magnemite


In the New Pokemon Snap reveal trailer from June, a popular Pokemon appeared in the background of a forest: Shroomish. However, once the game came out, Shroomish was nowhere to be found.

It is pretty hard to mistake Shroomish with a basic mushroom. So where is Shroomish? Fans speculate it may come later in a DLC, but there is also the possibility that Bandai Namco just wiped Shroomish from the game.


Snorlax is one of the most iconic Pokemon, featured in most movies and games. Unfortunately, there is no big sleepy Snorlax in New Pokemon Snap. Having Snorlax in the game could have made for great interactions, especially since the game features music we can play to awaken sleeping Pokemon.

Pokemon Snorlax


In the Pokemon universe, exposing an Applin to a sweet apple makes it evolve into an apple pie-looking Pokemon called Appletun. And luckily, there are both Applin and apples in New Pokemon Snap! So what happens if you throw an apple to an Applin in the game? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Evolutions have been removed from New Pokemon Snap, despite being one of the most interesting features of the original game. A Charmander won’t evolve into a Charizard if it falls into a volcano, Magikarp stays as a useless fish with no Gyarados to be seen, and we can’t even get our sweet apple pie Appletun.

Pokemon Appletun

Which missing Pokemon do you wish could appear in New Pokemon Snap? Nothing has been announced yet, but we are holding onto the hope that Bandai Namco will release DLC with additional Pokemon down the line.

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