Brawlhalla is infested with smurfs and needs to do something about it

Brawlhalla has steadily grown over the past few years, and like any other successful competitive game it is now plagued by smurfs. As a regular player who likes to take part in a ranked game every once in a while, this is infuriating. Let’s talk about why this is a huge problem.

Brawlhalla smurfs

Nobody is in the rank they should be

If you don’t know, smurfing in Brawlhalla has a very specific purpose: to boost players who couldn’t get to Diamond by themselves. Its effects are felt throughout the entire ranked structure. For beginners, it’s absolutely impossible to improve. If they get a line of smurfs, their entire Brawlhalla experience will be ruined, and their rank will stagnate from constant losses. They won’t be able to get ahead and fight opponents who are actually on their level.

On the other end, people in Platinum and Gold are getting knocked down into lower ranks by smurfs rampaging through their ranks. This means that even players who are not deliberately smurfing will sometimes wind-up in the wrong rank and be an issue.

There is a huge demand for boosting

Before I started getting into ranked, I thought Brawlhalla smurfs were the same as in any other game. Sure, there would be a couple, but not enough to consistently ruin the experience.

Well, was I wrong. If I was lucky I would only get a smurf every four or five games, which meant that my winrate was potentially 20% worse than what it should have been. This is a lot of smurfing. So I did my research.

Brawlhalla smurfs

Messages like this get a lot of attention from the Brawlhalla community, and not always the right kind. People are actively looking boosting, and are willing to pay for it. This is absolutely disgusting. EpicNPC is filled with these kinds of posts.

Oh, and don’t think you can save yourself by playing with a friend. Both solo and duo queues have plenty of smurfs. You will never be able to escape them in the current state of Brawlhalla.

The players who actually care will leave

I quit Brawlhalla a year ago because I was way too frustrated with smurfs. It made me angry, the game lost its’ ability to draw me in and I no longer wanted to succeed. Too much effort, with the reward often being frustration. And no, it’s not only me, as I was in a clan at the time and all of us were on the same page. We all quit the game, and as far as I know, the rest haven’t looked back.

But I revisited the game and I am more disappointed now than I could even properly express. Nothing seems to have changed. The ranked games are still hell, and I have no idea why anyone in Silver and Gold would stick around, because they are the most vulnerable to smurfs.

Brawlhalla needs to take this issue way more seriously and deal with it. Sure, the game is doing well right now, but endemic problems like this could be holding it back from doing even better. Either way, they need to do something about the smurfs if they want to keep their player base around.

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