Could the Pixel 7 be the phone for mobile gamers on a budget?

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With the release of the Pixel 7, an age-old question comes to mind for mobile gamers around the world – is this phone good for gaming? Let’s discuss the Pixel 7’s gaming capabilities for a moment.

The Pixel 7 (and Pixel 7 pro) are Google’s flagship smartphones for 2022 and sport Pixel’s most refined design. These models also carry over tons of durability in case you drop it… or throw it, no judgment here. The Pixel 7’s have also been upgraded to the new Tensor G2 chip. That may not sound impressive, but it makes the Pixel 7’s faster, more efficient, and all the better for gaming, which is really the important part. Paired with 8/12 GB of ram respectively, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are snappy and responsive for gaming. That’s what you wanted to hear, right?

Google Pixel 7 Tensor G2
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For those longer gaming sessions, players can play for longer with the Adaptive Battery as well as the option of a 30W charger. In short; Adaptive Battery = more gaming,  super fast charging = more gaming on the go. The Pixel 7’s have gamers covered with a large 6.3″/6.7″ screen with support for either 90 or 120 FPS depending on the model. Paired with HDR support and up to QHD+ resolution support, those looking for crisp visuals will be pleased. As far as mobile gaming goes, you’ll have the quality, the framerate, and the battery life to keep you occupied. If you’re playing the big titles like Call of Duty Mobile or Apex Legends, it’s even better. Phones are constantly becoming more carrying a small computer in your pocket – especially when it comes to PC/Mobile gaming.

Google gaming dashboard
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With Google’s Game Dashboard, players can easily take screenshots, check their FPS, or even start recording or streaming. Great news for all you aspiring mobile-game streamers no? Along with the camera quality that Pixel phones are generally known for, streamers and content creators will be in for a real treat when creating with their phones. There’s also a gaming mode, which, as you can probably tell, is a must-have for gaming on mobile. The Pixel 7’s also come with three months of Youtube Premium. It’s not exceptionally gaming-relevant, but it may prove helpful when you need a guide in a hurry. You can also soon have a built-in VPN with Google One… make use of that how you will.

It seems Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro may prove to be perfect for discerning (and frugal) mobile gamers. All things considered, the Pixel phones are popular in their own right, and offer tons of functionality for anyone, with some special features included specifically for gamers to enjoy.

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