EA Desktop is here – but why does it exist?

Is this inverse Impostor Syndrome?

Anyone who has been using EA’s Origin launcher can attest how rough it can be to navigate. Well, when I heard about EA Desktop – their new app launcher – I was obviously just elated at the prospect. Elated with confusion, that is. But why make a new launcher rather than fix the old one?

The main difference between the apps is their aesthetics. Origin sports a harsh white with dark accents, while EA Desktop is sleeker, darkening the color scheme throughout the launcher. That isn’t the only change though, as the Desktop app feels faster and smoother. EA also boasts faster downloads and connectivity across platforms.

EA Desktop

These are all great features, and EA has stated that this new app has been built with feedback from the community in mind. But if that’s true… then why not just update and upgrade Origin? I’m no developer, but that seems a hell of a lot easier than creating a brand new application “from the ground up.”

It could be due to the stigma surrounding Origin. Aside from being considered unnecessary by many, it also functioned about as well as a boiled potato. Almost about as well.

The EA Desktop app is in closed beta at the moment, but you can sign up here. It doesn’t take long to get in, and I pretty much had access within a day of signing up for the beta. I guess EA are just really active in terms of inviting players to take part. They are saying it’s first come first serve, so maybe I was just ahead of the curve. Hard to imagine there aren’t hordes of would-be-users fighting for a chance to try the new launcher, though.

It’s in a testing phase at the moment, so there are some features which are still not available . The only restriction I could point out at the moment is that some games are not available to the beta. I’m not sure which ones, mind you, but once you go to the library tab it’ll give you this message:

EA Desktop beta

I do appreciate how smooth and streamlined the new client is. It’s a lot more pleasing to the eyes, while also being simpler to navigate. Everything runs just that little bit quicker compared to Origin. And while my downloads are still slow, they have actually been a bit faster in general.

This shift to a new client is one of many moves done by EA as of late. You may recall that EA is moving their game selection back to Steam, as well as their recent inclusion of the Origin game pass on consoles. It seems EA is looking at being more gamer-centric rather than wallet-centric, especially with cross-platform gaming being one of the main focal points with the new client. This is EA we’re talking about though, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

All in all I like EA Desktop. I don’t know why it exists, but it’s here to stay and hopefully it’ll eventually replace Origin in our minds. I long for the days when Origin is but a relic of our memories.

If EA Desktop is equally as s**tty though, you’ll hear from me.

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