Everything you missed in the Fortnite Sky Fire live event

The Fortnite Sky Fire Event was quite the plot twist. It’s incredible that even after four years, the game continues to put out such detailed events and keep the story moving forward. The Sky Fire event was pretty long and had a lot going on, as it put us in a literal alien environment and made some pretty big revelations about the world of Fortnite.

First, if you haven’t seen the event yet, here’s a video taking you through the Fortnite Sky Fire event till the end of the season.

Now, let’s go over everything you might have missed in the Fortnite Sky Fire event.

The golden Cube

Here’s the weird part that changed everything we know about the purple energy so far. In the big revelation where we found out that there wasn’t just one purple cube and thousands of them revealed themselves in the background, you could see a yellow cube far in the distance.

Golden Cube Fortnite Sky Fire event
Image from Fortnite: Battle Royale

We haven’t been able to find assets for this cube in the game files yet, but Epic never adds anything without a reason, as minor as it may seem. Remember back in the Season X trailer, where the game had already hinted at a Galactus invasion in the future? This seems pretty similar to that, with a faint golden cube shining from a distance.

This discovery puts forth two possibilities: A, this is the third kind of Energy, aside from the purple (Dark/Cube) and blue (Rift), and B, Midas is back. The Midas theory seems a bit farfetched at first, but I’ve got evidence to back it up.

Is Midas back?

It would honestly be an unnecessary complication if the golden cube was simply a third kind of Energy. We’ve been seeing the battle between the Cube and the Rift energies for three years now, and seeing a third one wouldn’t really get anyone excited when we still don’t understand the first two properly.

If you spawned on the side of the secret rooms (unfortunately I didn’t), you would have had a good look at some of the golden objects in the alien ship. Midas, a character we seemed to have lost seasons ago, was known for his golden touch, and his infamous golden throne. In the ship, if you ignored the objective and explored the rooms, you would actually find a frozen golden Peely and Midas’ throne right on the ship.

Midas’ intentions have always been a bit weird. On one hand, he was trying to escape the Loop and murder Deadpool, but on the other, he has been on the spaceship and might be partnering with the IO. If this partnership has already been on for a long time, that changes our perspective on the Chapter 2, Season 2 The Device event entirely.

The abandoned labs

This is a minor one because it happened prior to the event, but if you weren’t dancing around and tried to explore the Corny Complex barns on the floating islands, the underground IO lab was still there.

Dr. Slone's labs
Image from Fortnite: Battle Royale

However, it was abandoned, which was foreshadowing Dr. Slone’s betrayal because those henchmen could have been valuable to us. It’s also interesting to note that the bottom of the floating islands simply did not have enough space for a lab of this size, which could mean something, but it could also just be a mistake Epic overlooked.

Speaking of Epic and, there was also an oversight on their part because players who were in the underground labs couldn’t possibly be abducted by the alien beam. These players remained stuck to the ceiling as the beam desperately tried to pull them up. Eventually, the players simply appeared in the Mothership where the event had started, but it’s pretty funny that Epic didn’t see this coming.

Players being eliminated

When Kevin rose from the purple lake and gave out his signature blast of energy, a few players were actually eliminated.

Players being eliminated in the Fortnite Sky Fire Event
Image from Fortnite: Battle Royale

Yep, actual players got chucked back into the lobby with Kevin’s wrath, and if you looked sideways, you could see the teleportation animation. According to iFireMonkey on Twitter, about 3.6 million players got eliminated by the Cube shocks, which is something we’ve never seen in a Fortnite live event before. Sure, you had trolls killing people in the first Fortnite event, but Epic has never done it on their own.

Since the player-feeds were off, there was no way to tell who had been eliminated. I’m sure a few of them were bots, because I didn’t see too many complaints on Reddit after the event. Some players also claimed that they were eliminated but simply respawned with the rest of us in the next section of the event.

Alien eggs

The two henchmen (Ghost and Shadow) have finally returned, and Epic couldn’t have made it any darker. The two henchmen have once belonged to two political factions that were at war, and the last time we saw them was when Corny Complex got abducted by the Mothership.

Everyone saw them return in the Sky Fire event, as they were trapped in a room and looked afraid. It was a pretty bizarre way to reintroduce them, because Epic hasn’t given any explanation for it yet.

If you looked around them at the green stones they were surrounded by, you could actually see the silhouettes of aliens within those eggs. What exactly were the people in control trying to do? What would happen to the two humans when the aliens hatched? Most importantly, what happened to them when the Mothership exploded at the end?

The reboot mechanism

Did you notice that when we charged up the inactive Kevin, there was an option to actually reboot it?

Reboot option
Image from Fortnite: Battle Royale

Even the animation of us “reviving” the cube was exactly just like the one we see when reviving players. This is one of those situations where I don’t think it was just a coincidence or reused assets, and might just be taking us into the mechanism of the border between the Loop and “reality”.

It’s also interesting to note that us players have the power to restore power to this magical, supposedly evil cube.

The return of Bunker Jonesy

Remember the storyline from two seasons ago that started with the quest where you had to talk to different versions of Jonesy on the island? This image, found on a board within the Mothership, perfectly summarizes us trying to figure out what it really means.

Bunker Jonesy Fortnite Sky Fire
Image from Fortnite: Battle Royale

Last we saw him, Agent Jones had just betrayed the IO, and for good reason. He went rogue and sought help from The Seven when he realized that the IO would go to any extent to get what they wanted. We haven’t really heard from him (or the Foundation) since then, but he’s on the island for sure.

Now it seems like the IO has found out that there are different “Snapshots” of him on the island already, meaning he has been visiting it on his own for a while. We first saw Bunker Jonesy back in Season 9, and from our conversations with him in Season 5, he knows some things we don’t.

Sometimes it blows my mind that Epic has created lore this complex for a game targeted towards younger audiences. Sure, those players aren’t really about the lore, but it would help if we didn’t have nine different versions of one character from nine different versions of a simulated reality on an island controlled by this evil interdimensional government.

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