Flat earthers, Valheim is the perfect game for you

If you’re like most gamers diving into a new open world game, you want to see how far the map goes. Some games like Cyberpunk 2077 will force you to stay within their sandbox, while others like No Man’s Sky have no limits to box you in. Valheim belongs to the first type, and that fact should have the Flat Earth community excited, because the rumor is you can sail off the end of the world. Yes, there’s finally definite proof that the world in Valheim is flat!

Valheim procedurally generates its maps with a number of variations for each new server. That means that the Black Forest may appear in the north for some players, while others might find it in the west. You might spawn in closer proximity to the Ocean, while others might be closer to Mountains.

Point being, no location is the same for every player. But while everything is placed differently, the contents remain the same. That means you’ll always have the opportunity to sail off the end of Valheim. Absolute full send. Self-yeet.

Why anybody would want to sail off the map is beyond me, but the option is there if you want to check it out for yourself. It’s exactly as you would expect: you launch your fancy boat of the egde, lose your gear, and immediately die without the ability to retrieve your items.

Flat Earth Simulator from valheim


But if you’re a flat earther and want to prove that a world is indeed flat somewhere, this game might be for you. Whatever magical fantasy your imaginary version of the universe ascribes to the Edge of the World, you can experience in Valheim.

While you’re still on the top side of this world, keep tabs on SQUAD for more Valheim content!

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