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Get spooked, keep hydrated and stay in touch with 3 apps from the App Store Awards 2022

Chances are that you’ve used apps before, and since you’re here, that must mean you’re a gamer too. If you own one of the 1.8 billion Apple devices currently active, here are three apps from the 2022 App Store Awards that you have to try.

Starting off with the peculiar

Inscyption is a strange and spooky roguelike deck-builder game from Devolver Digital – the publisher behind such hits as Cult of the Lamb, Enter the Gungeon, and more. As far as deck-builders go, chances are you’ve never played one like this before. Inscryption is unsettling from the get-go, dropping you into a room shrouded in darkness, talking to a strange figure you don’t know and can’t see whose only interest is teaching you the rules of the card game… and the consequences.

Inscryption banner
I won’t even try to explain. Image by Devolver Digital

Inscryption’s inky black art style gives you the unending feeling that you shouldn’t be there, and just as well since the game isn’t just a deck-building, roguelike puzzler – it’s also a psychological horror game. A min-bending and off-putting experience, Inscryption simply laughs as you unlock the “secrets inscribed upon the cards,” while you slowly lose your mind…

Keeping hydrated for those long gaming sessions

The other two apps we’ll talk about today aren’t strictly gaming-related, but they’re useful tools for gamers nonetheless.

First up we have Water tracker Waterllama. WaterLlama is a great tool for gamers and pretty much anyone trying to build their hydration habits and keep track of their fluid intake. Drinking water is a necessary part of life, it’s just hard to keep track of sometimes, and that’s alright. WaterLlama steps in to help you keep up with your hydration and track just how much you’re water you’re drinking.WaterLlama’s “hydration challenges” can game-ify the experience while helping you build healthier habits.

WaterLlama is a useful tool to keep you on track during those long gaming sessions, and it’s worth a try if you’re looking to drink more water. We all know gamers can get pretty sweaty, and you’ve got to have water in you to sweat, right?

WaterLlama water tracker app
Image by Vitalii Mogylevets

Stay in touch with your friends – online or off

Finally, we have Locket Widget! Locket Widget is a bit further out from gaming, but for many, gaming comes with the inevitable long-distance friend(s). Locket is a widget that sits on your phone’s homescreen and allows users to send photos that are displayed within the widget.

It’s a nice little way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, including your far-off gamer buddies. Locket is one way to keep in touch with your international friends that doesn’t require active participation, which is helpful especially across timezones. Have something you want to say or show to a friend? Send it through Locket, and have it be displayed on their homescreen as a nice reminder that you’re thinking of them!

Plus, you may need to talk to someone after playing Inscryption…

Those are just three App Store Awards 2022 winners, but if you’re in the market for some new apps, these should definitely be in the running.

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