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Guardians of the Galaxy will be a story-rich game of choice and consequence

2021 is a big year for Marvel fans. Alongside multiple new games and TV shows, we also just got treated to the reveal of a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy game from Eidos Montreal. We got a lot of interesting details about the project from senior creative director Jean-François Dugas.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be a narrative-driven action adventure game, with most of the action taking place from the perspective of Star-Lord, or as some people know him, Peter Quill. The rest of the Guardians are there as well, in what Dugas described as a “beefy story” that will have players “discover and rediscover the characters they know or don’t know.” Eidos Montreal worked directly with VP and Head of Creative at Marvel, Bill Rosemann to craft the game’s narrative.

The studio’s influences for the game are simple, and also all-encompassing. In preparation for the story, they went back to read all the Marvel universe comics, and watch all the movies and animated series, drawing inspiration not just from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise but also all essential Marvel universe stories.

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art
Guardians of the Galaxy concept art. Image by Eidos Montreal

The narrative of Guardians of the Galaxy starts in the aftermath of a big war which has inflicted a lot of suffering on humankind. The world is in need of healing and rebuilding, and that naturally presents opportunities for the Guardians to do a little good, a little bad, but mostly to make some money. Their actions will soon find them mixed up in a new conflict with some pretty serious implications.

A lot of special attention was put into the design of the game’s characters. As an 80s kid, Peter has the look and attitude of an 80s kid, and he’s a bit of a playboy. Gamora’s costume was created to highlight how agile and ready for any situation she is, reflecting on her assassin training. Drax comes from a tribal culture and has special markings on his body that represent the positive and negative moments in his life; he is physically marked by his experiences.

And of course, Groot and Rocket are in the game. They are inseparable friends, despite being polar opposites. Rocket is a technological genius with a mechanically augmented body; he has no real memory of his past, but he knows that it involves high tech. Groot is the only survivor from a forest world which has been destroyed. Their friendship is central to both the story and the gameplay; in fact, Groot can carry Rocket inside a specially made harness, and the two can fight together as a friendship-powered mobile turret.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Image by Eidos Montreal

Guardians of the Galaxy players will have to face a number of classic enemies from the Marvel universe. Some are old villains, and some are recent additions to the canon. Beating them is not just about pulverizing them with powerful abilities and weapons, but also about navigating important decisions.

“Choices and consequences are part of the experience,” Dugas explained. “The ending won’t change, but the experience will be different from player to player, so there is a factor of replayability.”

Music is essential to setting the mood in narrative driven games. Because Star-Lord is an 80s kid, there will be a lot of 80s music in Guardians of the Galaxy. Wham!, Pat Benatar, and Iron Maiden are some of the artists players will be able to hear in the game. We also know that the music will affect the gameplay.

I was especially curious to know whether we should expect the game to come with any DLC or microtransactions. The answer is no. “Everything is in the game,” Dugas stated.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy | Official Reveal Trailer


I’m personally really excited to play Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes out in October. I am a big fan of story-driven games and strong character development, and this one looks like it’s going to deliver the goods. I also like the little subtleties that can impact the way the game works, like the music. I am especially interested to see how the decision-making and consequence system shapes my experience in the game.

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