Indie horror co-op games to play with friends on Halloween

For when you want to impress your crush

Halloween is a weird topic this year with COVID-19 still lurking and the contact that handing out candy usually involves. Instead of doing all that, why don’t we explore some spooky indie horror games you can co-op with your friends?


Phasmophobia is an obvious choice here. Not only is it one of the more popular options, but it also just dropped an update that overhauled a lot of things. The update also added some new toys to play around with while you hunt the new Goryo and Myling ghosties. Even if ghost hunting isn’t your thing you could always do what I do and puff your chest out, scream, and act ridiculous. Does it help you hunt the ghost? Absolutely not. But it helps me offset the fear and it makes my friends laugh so that’s a win in my book.

If you’re part of the niche community of VR users, you can “enjoy” the game like that too, but I’ve been there and done that so I’m not too keen on joining you.


Devour has you controlling an eclectic cast of characters who all happen to be Cultists. You’ll travel to various haunted locations in order to purge the demons inhabiting them. The game has a good sense of humor and it does a good job in raising your spirits before scaring the piss out of you for upwards of 30 minutes straight. The characters are funny, and the story is intriguing and it skirts the line between tension and genuine horror pretty well while not taking itself too seriously.

Oh, I should mention a big plus – Devour has both a mute-jump-scares feature as well as an arachnophobia mode (as of the new update). So if you’re like me and can only stonewall through so many scares, and absolutely hate spiders – Devour is pretty accommodating!

DEVOUR Official Launch Trailer

Ok, I’m hearing you – “But where’s the PvP?” Chill, I’m getting to it, you murder-fiends.


Pacify is like Devour, except instead of cultists you’re paranormal investigators. You’ve been called here to help investigate and find one of two things: the bodies of missing investigators… or the spirit of a little girl. Of course, you could go in with other investigators to do the job, but where’s the fun in that? In the PvP mode, you can murder your friends to get ahead – which is clearly what you all wanted.


Last on our list is FOREWARNED – their all caps, not mine.

FOREWARNED - Official Gameplay Trailer #1

Forewarned is a VR-compatible title that takes you down into procedurally-generated Ancient Egyptian ruins to hunt for treasure. There are also monsters because there are always monsters – but unlike in Phasmophobia, in Forewarned when you die you have the option to come back. As a servant of the Mejai, you can either help your friends or harm them. Good luck down there.

Those are just some of the games you and your friends can enjoy and get in the spooky mood with this Halloween. Honorable mention goes to Horror Legends which is an asymmetrical PvP game with the killers ranging from tall-walking-pumpkin-boys to f**kin’ werewolves. Dead by Daylight is scary for sure, but it doesn’t evoke the same classic horror vibes as this.

Tis the season for horror – and for supporting small indie creators – so gather up your friends for a good (or bad) time and get spookin’!

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