Is Among Us better on PC or mobile?

The gaming war is traditionally waged between console players and PC gamers. For Among Us players, it’s much simpler: does it play better on PC or on my cellphone or tablet? It’s generally chalked up to preference, but there are some things to consider still. Instead of rolling the dice on whether Among Us is better on PC or mobile, we’ll lay out the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Among Us on PC

First things first, price: Among Us costs $4.99 USD or $5.69 (nice) CAD on Steam, but is free on mobile.

Gameplay-wise, Among Us is a collection of mini games that you play while you attempt to keep track of everyone and everything around you. WASD movement and mouse clicking is the quick and comfortable way to go until you’re told to swipe a card in Admin. There are some trivial mini games that don’t operate as smoothly on PC as they do on mobile, so PC is docked some points there. All-in-all, the game operates pretty well if you’re a mouse and keyboard kind of person.

swipe card admin among us

Among Us on mobile devices

There’s the joystick and the Use or Sabotage button. The Among Us user interface is friendly and easy to use on mobile devices, given the lack of clutter on the screen. Two controls triggered by a single finger on each hand feels more intuitive than the control scheme on PC. Huge points there for mobile devices.

We mentioned earlier that the game is free, which is a huge bonus. The catch: Innersloth put a notice that the app will share personal data and show ads to help fund their studio in lieu of normal purchase-based monetization. Whether or not you accept is up to you, and you can always upgrade to a no-ads version. At least they’re transparent about what you’re agreeing to.

Among Us is also optimized for a small screen, so you’re not missing out on visual or sensory effects you’d be getting on a PC. It’s all the same.


So, is Among Us better on PC or mobile? I believe that mobile gamers win this one, by a slight margin anyway. The price of free is great, and the two-thumb controls go a long way. Plus you can still chat on Discord on your phone as you game. It’s a great experience either way.

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