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Scavengers came out in early access last month and it has quite an interesting approach to its genre. It has a battle royale foundation, but it’s so much more than that. It sets itself apart from other shooters and battle royales by adding a survival part to the gameplay, and removing the last-player-standing-wins premise. I’ll be explaining it all in detail in this Scavengers early access overview, so stay tuned.


Scavengers takes place in a dystopian future where the moon has been destroyed by an asteroid, which triggers a very nasty ice age on Earth. Not only that, but the asteroid seems to have brought with it an alien disease which has mutated affected humans and animals in a very nasty way. It kind of reminds me of some of the creatures in Resident Evil games.

Those lucky enough to survive – or unlucky, depending on your point of view – now have to contend with a planet that is not only frozen over, but also quite hostile.

Scavengers enemies scourge guide
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After you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll get acquainted with Scavengers‘ roster of playable explorers, starting with your three free options: Tarik, Valora, and Halden, each with their own set of skills and weapons.

Tarik is a sniper, and if we are being honest the game’s map seems made especially for him, because it’s mostly open space in all directions.

Valora uses an awesome shotgun, and can deploy a bubble shield that protects her not only from enemy fire but also from the storm. She can shoot out of the bubble, and is a pretty strong explorer right out of the gate.

Halden uses an assault rifle and is fairly decent at close and mid-range, but his real skill lies in healing. His Curative Aura ability is great for keeping his teammates around for as long as possible.

Eventually you will get other explorers to play as.

Surviving the frozen wasteland

Unlike other battle royale games, you actually have to keep yourself warm and well fed in order to thrive in Scavengers, because if you don’t, your maximum health and stamina will get gradually lower. That means that in addition to keeping an eye out for enemies, you have to do a lot of looting, crafting, and upgrading.

And let’s not forget the Scourge. The asteroid that hit the moon created some nasty mutated creatures that will attack you on sight, so there’s that. Kill them, collect their data, and move on. You might want to watch out for Scourge Growth as well as Outlander outposts, as they have a lot of loot to collect, including ammo, food, scrap – the game’s upgrade currency – and consumables. The game’s main loop involves clearing these camps, and using the resources you get from them to upgrade your explorer’s equipment.

Oh, and try to stay away from the storm whenever possible, otherwise you’ll have a hard time winning the match or even making it to the end. The storm moves with the wind and getting caught in one is less than ideal. Your temperature will decline pretty fast and you can die from exposure, so find yourself a shelter, preferably next to a source of warmth, until your temperature evens out.

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Scavengers match overview

Each match has up to 60 players, all in teams of three, and is set to last around 30 minutes. Despite being a 60-player lobby, you’ll hardly ever encounter other players in the early or mid game, so your focus should be killing mobs and looting everything, so you can upgrade and craft better weapons. Only once you’ve got your signature weapon and upgraded shield, should you focus on gathering data points.

Killing everyone else isn’t how you win in Scavengers. This is where it gets interesting: the winners of the match don’t necessarily have to be the last squad standing, but rather the one who was able to gather the most data points. That said, killing other players gives you half of their carried data (and some scrap), so searching for and killing enemy squads in the late game is currently the primary strategy.

There are uplinks where you can back your data points. Why use the uplinks? Well, if you store them, there is no way that other players will steal them from you if they kill you. Sounds pretty neat, but there is a downside to using uplinks: whenever you use one, a very bright beam of light will shoot into the sky. Simply put, you might as well wave your hands in the air and shout “I’M RIGHT HERE, FELLAS”.

Scavengers enemies scourge guide
Image by Midwinter Entertainment

Personal thoughts

From my point of view as someone who loves CSGO and shooters in general, Scavengers is an interesting game. I quite like the PvE twist, and the survival mechanics are definitely fun. I’m not sure it will be game of the year, but it definitely is worth a shot for shooter fans.

There is still a lot of room for improvement, as the game’s progression gives some players a heavy advantage over others. And there is a large difference in experience between players who focus on PvE and players who focus on PvP. PvE is technically the main objective and the main way to win the game, but PvP is more reliable, and frankly completely unavoidable in the late game.

Nevertheless, Scavengers has a lot of potential. Plus, the developers have promised new seasonal content, modes, maps, and explorers, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

I hope this overview of the Scavengers early access overview has given you an idea of what the game’s like. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below, or just hop in the game and give it a shot.

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