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New World vs World of Warcraft – which MMORPG is better?

New World took the gaming world by storm last week, causing huge queue times upon its launch. But is it really that good? When it comes to MMORPGs, World of Warcraft has been everyone’s point of reference for over 17 years now, closely followed by Final Fantasy XIV. Can New World compete with World of Warcraft, and which could be considered the best MMORPG to play this year?

From the leveling to crafting, PvE to PvP, here is our thorough comparison of New World and World of Warcraft to help you decide which MMO is better for yourself.

Roles and classes

Unlike other classic MMORPG, New World does not feature a class system. Instead, the weapon you wield will define the abilities you can use. Killing enemies with a specific weapon and leveling your proficiency with it will unlock new abilities for that weapon, determined by a skill tree.

In World of Warcraft, you select a class for your character before starting your journey. While it is easier to understand your role in a group, your decision is final and you cannot change classes mid-game.

The flexibility of New World makes it more enjoyable to try out new things. Moreover, you can wield two weapons at the same time, and easily switch between the two in a fight. As soon as you equip a weapon, you unlock its skill tree and specific abilities and spells. Not only does it make fights more dynamic, but also allows you to change your tactics depending on your opponent.

However, playing as a caster or hunter in New World is considerably harder than in World of Warcraft. Amazon’s game does not feature a target lock-on system, meaning you need to aim for each spell you wish to cast. In World of Warcraft, you just click on your target and blast your attacks.


The interface of New World seems messy at first. There is a lot of information to take in and many features available before even reaching level 10. With a few hours of play, things start to make sense, at least for the most part. It can be quite confusing for new MMO players though, between the factions, reputation systems, taxes, and other mechanics.

World of Warcraft is quite the opposite. The game is pretty easy to get into, as mechanics are gradually introduced one after the after at a leisurely pace. The complexity comes later though, and to fully grasp the game it is almost mandatory to download add-ons to show more information than the default HUD.


While PvP is a core feature of New World, it is not mandatory for players to fight each other. Players who tag as PvP in the open world receive an experience bonus but risk dying in combat while doing their quests. Each region in New World features a main town, where players can get their quests, craft items, or even buy a house. These towns are also PvP control points, providing rewards for the faction controlling them.

New World also features large-scale PvP modes, called Outpost Rush and Wars. The Outpost Rush is a 20v20 battleground where two teams fight for the control of three outposts on a closed map, all while gathering resources and killing other players. The Wars are even bigger PvP events, where a faction tries to take over another for the control of a territory. During this 50v50 battle, one faction will defend its territory while the other tries to breach the walls of the fort and capture its Claim. Both Outpost Rush and Wars are only available for level 60 characters.

PvP in World of Warcraft is pretty straightforward. You can tag for open-world PvP and receive an experience bonus just like in New World, or take part in instanced battlegrounds. These battles range from 10v10 to 40v40 players, with various objectives. World of Warcraft also features ranked battlegrounds and arena, where players can compete for a higher score.

New World offers a more dynamic and realistic PvP experience. The winning faction has an edge over the others, and engaging in the PvP modes provides an advantage even for the PvE progression. In World of Warcraft, the PvP is more of an additional mode than a complementary experience to the PvE.

New World PvP
Image by Amazon Games.


If World of Warcraft is known for one thing, it is its PvE mode. The game features several high-level dungeons and raids, with specific strategies and challenges. The raids are also one of the main reasons World of Warcraft players keep playing several times a week, meeting their guild to progress in the latest raid tier.

New World is less geared toward PvE, especially end-game PvE, than World of Warcraft. The game does feature dungeons and hard bosses that could be considered as small raids, but does not yet include large-scale raids where players need to meet up repeatedly to defeat tough enemies across a campaign.

However, New World features a unique PvE mode that does not exist in World of Warcraft: Invasions. Up to 50 players can take part in these PvE battles that happen around twice a week. The goal of these Corrupted Invasions is to push back waves of AI enemies that try to overtake a territory. While this PvE mode is packed with action and rewards, only a few people can participate each week, meaning some will miss out on this particular PvE activity.


Blizzard’s MMORPG is more limited than New World when it comes to crafting. Each character can only learn two of the eight available professions. All players can also fish, cook, and do some archeology. Leveling up these jobs can take a while, as each item is crafted individually. If you need to cook 50 steaks for example, you can queue the steaks to cook one after the other, but will still need to wait for each item to cook individually. In New World, you could just select the 50 steaks and cook them all at once.

New World features a deeper crafting system than World of Warcraft. The game offers seven different jobs that all players can level up. Everyone can craft their own armors, weapons, apparel, trinkets, furniture, or food, without limitations. Some jobs are even fun to grind, such as fishing and its mini-game to make a good catch.

New World vs World of Warcraft – My verdict

New World is a good RPG, but doesn’t have what it takes to compete with large MMO like World of Warcraft – at least, not in its current state.

Amazon’s MMO lacks some basic features for a MMORPG, like the ability to share quests with other players, ride a mount, or swim. If Amazon stated that the lack of mounts was a design choice, there is no obvious reason as to why characters sink like an anchor whenever they try to swim.

Raiding is a core feature of World of Warcraft, and the reason most players are still active in Blizzard’s game. Killing a boss after weeks of wipes makes for a feeling like nothing else in gaming, especially when it is achieved with guild members you have been playing with for months – or years. New World is less geared toward PvE, and does not yet feature large-scale raids. Amazon’s game is more of an RPG with other players, where you can live your life on your own and then team up with your faction for some PvP action.

While both PvE and PvP have their pros and cons, players tend to prefer one over the other. For PvP fans, New World is a breath of fresh air in the MMORPG market. For PvE enjoyers, it may feel a bit empty once they reach the maximum level.

However, these are details that New World could easily fix. The core of the game is pretty good, with dynamic fights, customizable builds, and a good crafting system. If Amazon is willing to deliver regular content updates and balancing for the game, New World could become real competition to World of Warcraft.

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