Omeda Studios developer RGSace talks Predecessor, Paragon revival projects

In recent months, new Paragon successors have emerged in early access and closed alpha. Among the few that are currently playable, Predecessor seems to be the most polished. The third-person MOBA boasts graphical fidelity, a variety of unique characters, and action-oriented abilities and gameplay. The game is still in closed alpha, but has garnered major attention from nostalgic Paragon fans.

I was able to speak with developer RGSace about the journey leading up to where Predecessor is today, and their plans for the future.

SQUAD: When did Omeda Studios officially make the decision to produce Predecessor, or at least, a Paragon adaptation?

RGSace: We decided to produce Predecessor when Epic announced they were releasing the Paragon assets to the public, which was around Q2 2018.

What was the process of obtaining the assets from Epic and Unreal like?

Fairly straight forward. Epic published them to the Unreal Marketplace and from there we can freely download them.

What has the general development cycle of Predecessor looked like over the past year?

It’s been mostly laying the foundations and making sure they’re strong and scalable. The idea is to not build up too much tech debt, so once we’re ready to grow and scale we’re in a position to continue taking strides forward. We have weekly development cycles, or sprints, and then we’ll usually playtest with about 20-30 playtesters most nights leading up to releasing a public build.

Predecessor Closed Alpha- Murdoc

How did you go about deciding what heroes would be initially available for play?

For the most part, it was decided by what heroes had the most complete assets. In some cases, Epic omitted assets which means a hero might require additional work in terms of animations or visual effects. We then picked a group of heroes we felt filled multiple roles and would allow people to pick up the game without a huge learning curve.

What has been the most difficult part of getting Predecessor playable and running smoothly?

I don’t think there’s been anything that stands out as difficult. It’s mostly a process of refining and optimizing over and over. Often it’s adding the last bit of polish that takes the longest, but really helps the game feel smooth.

How has the community and  their feedback shaped Predecessor?

A lot. We’re lucky to have such a large and growing community, and we’re able to get feedback and iterate extremely fast because of the turnaround times on both sides. They have really helped shape our roadmap and what Predecessor should look like.

What was the thought process behind only hosting specific weekends for the servers to be open?

We wanted to make sure that above anything the Alpha Weekends added value to Predecessor. We felt that having the servers open 24/7 didn’t really align with that goal. As much as we know players want to play Predecessor, we believe this is the better path to take. It’ll allow us to quickly get to our goal of having the game available 24/7.

What is it like working on a title that has a few other identical variations?

I think we have a vision of what we want to build and it’s a vision we strongly believe in. It’s great to see so many people passionate about a similar style of game, but it doesn’t really impact where we want to go with Predecessor.

How are items going to play into Predecessor’s future and will there be more variety?

We have a large item system planned for the near future, although we’re not quite ready to talk about it in-depth. I will say that we want items to empower heroes and enable players to push the boundaries of their hero in unique and different ways. We want items to enable a player to experiment with multiple play styles for a single hero.

Predecessor Items

What has the process been like balancing the playable heroes?

At the moment we haven’t been focusing too much on the balance of heroes. As a team, we felt it was important to make sure the game felt smooth and responsive. Going forward however, we’ve added a member to the team who is going to help balance the game as we go continue to build out Predecessor.

[This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.]

SQUAD would like to thank RGSace for taking the time to chat with us!

My thoughts on Predecessor

From the time that I spent in Predecessor, the game is nostalgic and somewhat addictive. The selection of heroes is adequate for a closed alpha, but item variety will be a welcome addition. One of the better aspects of Predecessor is its item icons and the clean UI for upgrading gear. Jungle buffs have been improved and offer more variety to the tactics usually available to junglers.

Overall, Predecessor is polished, but will take time to dig its roots and gain the complexity that marks a good MOBA.

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