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Rainbow Six Extraction roundup – gameplay, story, progression

I preferred Quarantine, but fair enough.

Rainbow Six Extraction and its horde of parasitic Archaeons are coming closer and closer – here’s everything we know so far.

Let’s start with the new cinematic, in which we see Ash send out a squad to rescue an operator from a sticky situation.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Cinematic Reveal Trailer | #UbiForward | Ubisoft [NA]

As we see in the trailer, everything is spooky. Hibana has been taken by the Archaeons and is in the process of… something. She’s engulfed by the parasite, and almost seems to be getting assimilated – with any adverse effects waiting to be seen.

This all ties into the roguelite elements of Extraction, delivering an emphasis being on “risking it all” with every mission. Part of that risk is losing your own operators, who remain missing until you mount a successful rescue mission. My theory is that if an operator is not successfully rescued, they can go on to become an elite enemy – kind of like in Zombi.

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay

REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team) is your new team in Extraction. Players assemble in squads of up to three and then ready to delve into the depths of infested territories. Each player can choose from 18 available operators, and upgrade them and their abilities to suit your needs and help combat the threat.

With a new threat come new toys as well. The new gadgets include the Arc Mines we saw in the trailer, and a threat sensor that provides an early warning against aliens. Players unlock more gadgets by gathering intel during incursions. Be careful, more risk means better rewards, but don’t get too cocky, or you risk losing it all – that’s the spirit of Extraction.

REACT was assembled in order to fight back against the Alien threat first seen in the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak game mode. There are many new Archaeon variants to fight off, and some originals that have gotten a revamp. You have everything from your run-of-the-mill Grunts, to the tankier Breachers, to the elite-looking Apex.

That’s not all this new enemy has in it disposal. The parasite Sprawl is a sort of persistent corruption that grows on the environment. It’s procedurally generated, and will slowly but surely start taking over once you’re detected. The Sprawl slows down your squad while speeding up the Archaeons, but can be shot and temporarily removed. Needless to say it’s in your best interest to keep things quiet, and disinfect the area around you.

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2021 | E3 2021

Rainbow Six Extraction encourages strategic stealth gameplay – but like similar games, adds a difficulty spike once you go loud. As you sneak your way through the map you can silently execute enemies and use the environment to your advantage. If you crave action, there’s no rule you can’t go in guns a-blazing; you’ll probably come to regret it all the same.

Each sub-zone is separated by an airlock – and a difficulty increase – and you’ll discover new objectives to complete in each zone you reach. Whether you choose to extract or continue is your choice, but the stakes only get higher the deeper you go.

Rainbow Six Extraction comes out Sept. 16 and will feature cross-play as well as in-game rewards for players of Extraction and Siege alike.

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